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"Morning Cloudy" by Yudik Pradnyana:
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#realmendontbuygirls   is trending in the US, Nigeria, Spain, the UK and elsewhere, and the vast majority of tweets call for the release of the more than 200 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram militants in Nigeria
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Patrick Steed

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Republican hypocrisy.  When is the Republican Congress going to investigate the Bush/Cheney war crimes?
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Problems at #Apple  I suppose?! I heard somebody controls their server and installed a 4096 bit algorithm with a password on it and named it after....hmmmm......MYself  #Patrick_J_Steed which has more potential than #Stuxnet  and is not the #HeartBleedBug  or the #HeartBleedVirus  because it was first discovered on February 13th, 2014, the day before Valentine's Day and I activated it while in my bedroom here in Mulberry.

Some idiots at +Cisco and others have claimed that it was stolen software. LMAO!! Guess what?! That's me. Check my +Twitter account @patricksteed13  #patricksteed13 . It appears #Apple  and some others owe me some money and I promise to destroy these companies as much as possible until they pay it. Bom dia assholes. Is anything in Portuguese today? Good luck on fighting charges of #insidertrading to all the companies that have found my name and software on their systems including the #Tampa   #Airport  and started selling their shares of these companies. I bet the #SEC  will enjoy the near future. 

Where the f*ck are these morons at the #FBI ? Don't you realize I'll be a customer just like these companies in the very near future and you'll be fighting for my business you lazy, assholes! Don't worry I'll be able to bribe you just the same....except I don't and won't EVER pay a dirty cop, judge or attorney. 

A longstanding Apple employee steps down
Apple public relations chief Katie Cotton is retiring after nearly two decades with the company. As VP of worldwide corporate communications, Cotton didn't have a particularly public face, but...
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Patrick Steed

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Nice looking #Ford   #Mustang  that looks like it gobbled up a Porsche 911 and a Nissan 300zx somehow. I <3 you #Ford bailout BS!!
New Ford Mustang heads to the 2014 UEFA Champions League Final 

Marking the arrival of the new #FordMustang , a unique opportunity to pre-order the New Ford Mustang for the first time ever in Europe! -- exclusively during the UEFA Champions League Final.

Discover more at

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Patrick Steed

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Patrick Steed

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Whoa! Is this for real???
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Patrick Steed

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Comprehensive and useful Linux I/O stack diagram to find a bottleneck on server via

#linux   #kernel   #server  
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Patrick Steed

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Welcome to the Enduring Security Framework #EnduringSecurityFramework  and who is involved in it including #Google

It appears that Senator McCarthy has risen from the grave; and here I thought #Jesus  rose last month? #McCarthyism  is popular again?!

#ESF   #DHS   #FBI   #KeithAlexander   #NSA   #Apple   #Microsoft   #SanJose   #SJC   #CIPAC   #ESG   #APT   #ICSJWG   #XSC
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Geez  #GOOGLE  why not get #EricSchmidt  out of the company and get somebody with some balls to lead the helm and respect people's #privacy ?! Who is this #SergeiBrin  guy btw?
Al Jazeera obtained the emails exchanged between Google executives and former NSA director Alexander which suggest that Google is very close to NSA.
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Have him in circles
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Job hunting and ninja warrior'ing technologies. Patrick_J_Steed
Ninjawarrior with a keyboard, Dumbledorf all types of she-yot.
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I used to bodybuild, barhop and party when I lived in Gainesville, Florida. UF was the #1 party school while I worked at bars and nightclubs, personal trained and attended school. However, I changed my people, places, things and habits in 2010 and moved south to Mulberry, Florida.

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salutations and basics in a dozen languages, ambidextrous and can write with my feet too...weird!
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  • Saint Leo University
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Amid the shiny, happy announcements of new features and new apps this week, file-sharing startup Dropbox quietly revealed another piece of n

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Lay's Western Wear and Feed Incorporated is a mom and pops place to shop for feeds, vet supplies and other farm related supplies in the Mulberry (south Lakeland) area. They have the same prices and sometimes cheaper than places like Tractor Supply Company and they have a friendlier staff. If you want unique treats for your dog that are healthy and organic, they will have some of those too. There are some knowledgeable people that work there like an Andrea that will help you problem solve an issue. Just be sure if they say they have something that you ask for that you ask about 2-3x so you don't waste your time and gas driving all the way there (ie- 7 or 9-in-1 shot for your sick dog that she/they say they have in stock which is annoying and unprofessional).
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Great service, very knowledgeable and affordable. I'd highly recommend them for PC building, adding any software/hardware components, formatting, helping with data recovery, or just about any computer related questions. **Note** If getting a rebate from someplace like Tiger Direct through them be sure to get it in writing, other wise you may not get it and/or it will be applied as a 'computer service' of your choosing.
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Went to Ling's Buffet with a friend who definitely got his money's worth but I chose to enjoy their fresh sushi, a fillet of white fish and some stuffed mushrooms. It definitely hit the sushi/seafood spot but they've got everything from salads, BBQ, soups, and sweets to choose from. The atmosphere is relaxed and offers decent room for groups of people at booths or tables. Staff is friendly and keep an eye on you for refills or questions. Definitely going back. Good stuff!
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Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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4 reviews
Great gym with a clean facility. It has a decent set of weights, nice set of machines, good cardiovascular equipment with music or television to plug headphones into and listen to, as well as an outdoor pool for swimming. Some of the staff could afford to be friendlier, talkative or more cheerful though.
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reviewed a year ago