One woman's story of her personal experience of dementia:
"At first he would forget routes when driving home," his wife Mary said. "Then he started to neglect our finances and was struggling to understand people when they spoke to him.

"I noticed something was definitely wrong when he suddenly lost interest in gardening and DIY, because those were things that he used to love and all of a sudden he didn't."

The couple live in Fir Tree Road, Leatherhead, and Mrs Budden has become full-time carer to her husband of 53 years.

She said: "I was actually relieved in a way to find out. It helped me understand the changes that he was going through and the reason why he was behaving in particular ways.

"But I can't deny it makes me angry to think that he has been denied a proper retirement.

"Now all he does at home is sit; it can make him feel really depressed.

"The change in him has been absolute, to the point where it's completely changed his character and he is someone else."
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