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Patagonia and +New Belgium Brewing are excited to announce California Route, a limited-release organic lager.

Boasting California lager yeast with subtle fruity esters and a refreshing light lager finish, California Route organic lager is canned for adventure. The beer has an aromatic blast of citrusy Cascade hops and a heavy dose of noble hallertau. The addition of organic Munich specialty malt builds complexity with hints of freshly baked bread. Consistent with Patagonia's long-standing commitment to organics, the beer is brewed with certified organic ingredients.

California Route is 5.5% ABV and sold in 12-ounce cans. California Route will be sold in the following areas: Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Boulder, Denver, Boston, NYC, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Cardiff and Ventura.
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any plans to bring it to DC? Would love to give it a try
new york!??? where is the release? I've been so mad forever that NYC doesn't have NB! 
Pata. Your. Vaugeness. Is. Frustrating.  I. Am. 0/6. In. Beer. Stores.  In. Portland. 
Can you please specify where it can be found in Santa Monica? WholeFoods?
And also North Face has teamed up with Budweiser? Right? 
Sounds like this could be my new favored brew! Bring it to Europe Patagonia!
Next in the Climber series.  Jam your Nuts in a crack.  An Imperial IPA 
+Brad Gantt Unfortunately, due to the way the beer is distributed through New Belgium, we can not pinpoint the exact liquor stores where the beer will be sold. Sincere apologies. +Kelli Parsons 
What about the East Coast? 
I don´t like it!

Who had this stupid idea???

patagonia beer in a can!!!

Aluminium needs so much energy for production!

Patagonia should think about this!!!
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