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Serving baking enthusiasts and pastry chefs worldwide.
Serving baking enthusiasts and pastry chefs worldwide.

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Upcoming and Current Bakery Auctions March 2017
Hobart Heavy Duty 30 Qt Dough Mixer - Image from Auctionzip lizting. Here are some recent bakery and equipment items for auction Great ways to shop for equipment. Restaurant, Butcher, Bakery Equipment Auction What: All kinds of equipment, from mixers and st...

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Slow Bread by Chris Young Book Review
Blurb: Making bread is an ancient craft and a fulfilling experience, a skill
that is learnt by touch and feel. There is nothing more satisfying than
kneading, pulling, stretching and punching the dough, using a little
yeast and sugar to transform its lum...

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"Mindfully" Eating Chocolate Increases Positive Mood
A great study out of Gettysburg College's Psychology department. Each participant was randomly asked to eat either a cracker or piece of chocolate either mindfully or non-mindfully. Researchers found that eating chocolate mindfully (focusing on the ingredie...

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Auctions: Restaurant, Kitchen, Bakery Equipment
For those that like to follow kitchen and equipment auctions, here are a few closing soon: New & Used Restaurant & Kitchen Equipment Online Auctions Auction Ending 9/27  When: 9/27/16  Where: 2100 E Union Bower Rd, IRVING, TX 75061 What: Restaurant equipmen...

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Gorgeous Pain au Chocolat
Gorgeous pain au chocolat! I love the design here. Swirls and circles.  #bakinglove repost via @laurent13570 . . . #painauchocolate #croissants #pastrysampler A video posted by Renee Shelton (@pastrysampler) on Aug 27, 2016 at 3:32pm PDT +Renee Shelton Twi...

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The Differences in the 402 Ruffle Border Pastry Tip
With the discontinuing of the 402 pastry tip from Bakery Crafts and Parrish's Magic Line (who I both purchased them from wholesale in the past), I've been inundated with questions on where to find this tip, or how to replace this tip, or if there is even an...

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Making Realistic Cake Sequins with Gelatin Sheets
There are a million variations on making cake sequins, namely from cutting out and painting scraps of fondant or gum paste, or painting commercially made sprinkle sequins. But these all look the same, namely like metallic colored sugar paste circles. I sew,...

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High Speed Mochi Making in Action
Love this video. It shows Mitsuo Nakatani from the Nara, Japan restaurant, Nakatanidou, pounding the mochi dough in action. And how fast is the action? He says he does "three poundings per second." That's fast.   +Renee Shelton Twitter: @ 121degreesC Pastry...

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Japanese Mochi Dessert
I'm a mochi fan. And I can't say which I love more, the ones made with the green tea filling or the red bean paste filling. My kids' favorites are the mochi ice creams. Here is a great write up to check out on this addictive Japanese sweet. Making Mochi, a ...

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Tempering Chocolate Via Tabling Method
Thomas Schnetzler of Lindt tempers chocolate via the tabling method. The basic process is as follows. Heat the dark chocolate until it melts and reaches 48 degrees C. Cool down to 28 degrees C (by tabling method, below). Then heat it back up to 31 to 32 deg...
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