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Start doing Photoshop.
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display a list of names from database when we press first letter in jtextfield (like if i press P then it show all name starting with P from datbase to another text field) is it passible.

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If you are on Facebook then please like our page their...

HOw to delete a textfield value shown from database ...

How to insert jtextield data into a database...

How to limits the value of JTextField 

Gyus I make 3 jlabel which are bounded with gridlayout and then I bound grid layout with jpanel ..I take another jpanel for colouring to when I bound it with gridpanel the color is showing.but grid layout does not show.if I remove colour grid layout showing..I even set opaque false of grid panel but does not sucess

How to pick 4 answered to a question from a my sql database ?

How to include images while making .jar in eclipse?

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Vitamin b12
Vitamin B-12 is only one of the several vitamins our body needs to survive and it is a water-soluble vitamin, with an important role in the functioning of our brain and nervous system. Vitamin B-12, like all other B-complex vitamins serves as a co-factor for various enzymes involved in the oxidation of food and the release of energy. Vitamin B-12 has several important functions in the metabolism of amino acids and is also needed for the production of red blood cells in our body.  The RDA suggests that males and females between the ages 14-70 should consume 2.4mcg of vitamin B-12 per day to ensure good health. Some foods that contain a good source of vitamin B-12 include: fish, beef, eggs and liver. However, if you are a vegan you might want to consider taking a vitamin B-12 supplement.
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