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New beta version is available! Please provide your feedback. Update includes: 
- New chat room info button
- Fixed issue where gift notification did not appear when app was in the background. 
- Fixed issue where tapping on an IM notification did not consistently take you into the Conversation.
- Added loading indicator in Conversations.
- Fixed issue where you cannot launch cam in Conversation after closing it. 
- Added support for Korean
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Jei J
Square cam is not a full view. Missing left and right lil side view..when we stream Live cricket, users cant see score board area which is on top right/left croner. . Another bug is. Invite mobile user to a private room. And now let mobile user invite any other nick to that same private room. U would see mobile user wiĺl be kicked out from room. Thanks for updating new ver.  All the best.
*Auto Rotate screen doesn't work yet, Cam View is not faster like old Paltalk, IM Loading Slow,. ~ Hope all bug will be fixed. Great improvement.its almost getting to stable version.
i try to help here from better paltalk app .. and what paltalk do?? give me ban today and i dont know the reason .. well nice friend u are paltalk 
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