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Paltalk v6.5 is ALIVE
Thanks to all your feedback we have launched the latest version of the Paltalk Android phone App! Please upgrade, consider leaving some nice comment in the store and let us know what you think. Ready. Set. Go!
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i have issue with new paltalk android beta app which is latest one.

Room joining showing timeout and taking approximately 5 mins first time to join the room.

View profiles having issue which almost take same time after login and then rest all fine.

Voice is breaking in room..audio is not smooth.

Conversation history loading takes some time to load it and not sometime not shows recent messages.

So basically from last sometime the main issue i am encountering on google nexus 6.

Internet is wifi which is sufficient for paltalk to run as speed is approximately around 1 mbps.

Please try to fix this issues in next version as its very frustated bugs which need to be fix in a timebound manner..i am forced to install today paltalk android mobile app 4.9 version.

As new version is not loading profiles instantly, room joining issues as timeout and not loading for 5-6 mins instantly after login to name.

If you need any other information please do instant message me on paltalk nickname: Amit

We can also test it out incase you need to gather much information.

Issue with paltalk android app version: 6.5.391


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