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April 7th the newest, greatest and best Paltalk phone update will be ready! Are you ready? 
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Jei J
Need an option to turn off IM, gift, invite notifications too. In settings. Square video not getting full size. Missing left and right side lil view.. also for tab users it too small. Still auto rotate screen mod
e is not working. Pls consider all these. All the best. Ty
Hi +Jei J you can turn off notifications within your Android phone's settings. Does this stop the notifications for you? 
Yes the video screen size is a issue and we need to be able to adjust the quality of our cams as well
Jei J
it would be great when we have the option to "Turn off IM Notification" at individual Apps, (old paltalk ver has it), like skype, hangout, fb all has it. except paltalk,   and  why Paltalk is not listed on Share via! ? on my samsung phones i am able to share text or link from any where to any apps..share via.. except Paltalk , would be great if we get paltalk as branded professional apps. with these feature.
Still waiting to be able to log in as admin in rooms.
Want a muted button a dial a friends. Control. Over who comes in my room ban button always see new mail when I have No mail alot of things u new to change
+Jei J, we review your suggestion on being able to turn off IMs within settings. What types of things would you like share to Paltalk? 
+king Taylor do you mean you get a notification and when you tap on it takes you no where? For example, when someone sends you an IM?
All I know is when I be in a room I get that new mail notification. An I never click it cause No one I'm me
+Paltalk Video Chat​​​ i updated to newest beta today and issue i am experiencing is room list is not loading and also when i send im the text takes time to sync..

Screenshot : http://puu.sh/h4YRT/74e3c51dcd.png

Rooms are working fine and there is no scrolling issue...i am unable to browse room in newest beta 6.4.339

Please change 2015 in copyright section.. About us option i am talking about.

Cams,audio and room scrolling is fixed.

Im syncing takes time,login is working good.

Device: Nexus 6
Nick: Amit
Android os: 5.1 
Jei J
+Paltalk Video Chat
 we should be bale to click on share from youtube, Map, or from any newshunt apps t share things to Paltalk users,  when we click share via, we are able to see all apps in share via list. except paltalk
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