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It's hip to be square!
I am excited to announce a new beta version ready-only-4-you! As our elite beta testers only you get to see version 6.4.321 before anyone else. What’s new: 
- enhanced square cams
- fixed bug with room invitations
- fixed issue where chat room may not auto scroll
- fixed online status issue
- fixed various crashes
- fixed a sticker picker crash

What do you think?
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Great but lets try to get rid of the boxed in video that showes in the room from your cam
very nice i hope invites are ok becouse i cant accept invite to enter in room
Sure when you're in a room and somebody is watching your cam your cam has the square but those black boxes on each side of the camera
I am excited about this but it would be nice to be able to do admining on the cell phone or even the tablet !! I always use those 2 so I do not have to interupt the music whyen I play or make it to where I am dropping mic when nI have to check profiles.when I invite off tablet or cell it never goes through
Tested invite from mobile to mobile, PC to mobile and vice works well with this  latest version beta 6.4.321
Can't wait to test this! Thanks for the information.
Alright I've been told that the audio is low with this version and the cam still a little laggy keep in mind I am driving on the road
+Paltalk Video Chat​ this version works good but i have one issue and that is with room scrolling..whenever i try to see room text after minimizing it brings it up and i have to click on new message (red) option to scroll down..please try to fix this issue.

Nickname: Amit
Device: Google Nexus 6
Android os: 5.1

Thank you everyone! This is great feedback. We are close to launching the new version to the world. Keep your comments coming! 
+Paltalk Video Chat​ have one issue of timeout..when i login with nickname from this beta version..i cant see profiles and cant join rooms for 2-5 mins..wifi is good and speed is good aswell...but no idea why this issue.
Timeout while viewing profile,joining rooms.

Device: Google Nexus 6
Android OS: 5.1
Nickname: Amit

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