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Clay Matthews hosted a Google+ Hangout Wednesday afternoon, the first-ever Hangout on Matthews held the video chat with five lucky fans selected to participate. He answered questions about his favorite locker room moments, Aaron Rodgers' mustache, and more. Watch it here:
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Thank you to everyone that participated and submitted for a chance to join!
Im so jealous! I AM A DIE HEART PACKER FAN FOR LIFE!! LUV U GUYS! <33333333333
I watched this on and found it quite entertaining.
thanks for doing the chat on google+! even though i missed the chat, i appreciate you using a newer social network to do the chat, #waycool
+Green Bay Packers its awesome that you tried G+ Hangouts. Would love to see it become a weekly ordeal. Packer fans are the best and using this kind of social media would prove to all.
Go Pack Go!
Ok this proves that the packer nation is way better than anyother! I mean like,come on! We won dancing with the stars, and amazing race! How better can wisconsin get? <3 WI!!
Longing to see my Packers play. =/
Packers Brazil -
Thank you for inviting me to the chat. I thought he was very kind to give up his time to answer our questions. GO PACK!
Go pack go. It's great watching the games and stressful at the same time :-)love the packer.

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