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Here is the first "concrete" contribution of Google+ to my life. Last week I was reading a post sharing the infographic "sitting is killing you": . Among the long thread of comments someone was bringing the idea of having a standing desk and was sharing this link to ikeahackers:

That was what I've always dreamed of, but I had never seen a real one to buy before. For me the concept comes from a book I read few years ago: In the Blink of an Eye by Walter Murch, the film editor of Apocalypse Now, where in some point he talks about his habit of working while standing, and that he had special tall desks made for this purpose and carried all his editing equipment onto that desks etc.

I know that I also hate sitting while working, and now I have one of those standing desks:)

If you are also interested in making yourself one, here are some useful links:

Basically all you need is few of these VIKA BYSKE legs. They can go more than 107 cm (42 inches), but they become a bit wobbly and you should somehow mount the desk to the wall as well. If you don't want holes on your wall, using some mounting tapes would suffice. If you don't have a tabletop, Ikea sales VIKA tabletops with the holes already drilled.

I know it's a long post.. but I just love typing on my standing desk:)
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How are you liking it? How much did it end up costing you to put it together?
I'm very happy with the result. Legs are about $20 each in Ikea Istanbul which makes $80 in total. I also paid something like $30 to the cheapest drilling machine in the store, with all its accessories. Table tops similar to the one I used were also at about $30-40.
Hi.. just wondering how this desk has held up with time. I've read some concerns elsewhere on the 'Net that these legs aren't the sturdiest in the world. Interesting to hear your thoughts almost a year later. Thanks.
Hi Rob,
The desk is in a good condition, not very different than the first time I built it. I use the desk weekly and the only problem is it's a bit too high and I cannot change its height since it's wall mounted. It's ok while standing but I'd like to have a taller bar chair.

I had fixed the desk to the wall using mounting tapes (not a good idea, damaged my wall paint) so the legs don't need carry the whole weight by themselves. The legs do the job for me. I sometimes adjust them so the desk becomes more stable again. It's not totally safe though, I don't know what happens in an earthquake.

I don't use my ordinary desk anymore and I'm satisfied in general.
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