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oz garcia
An ill fitting mansuit with spiffy magic fingers | coffee | d&d | dccrpg | dandy | gentleman
An ill fitting mansuit with spiffy magic fingers | coffee | d&d | dccrpg | dandy | gentleman

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Sometimes Youtube comments are the best:

"Dear Google Ads:
When I search for 'holiday in cambodia', I am not actually looking to take a holiday in cambodia."

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I can't help myself. Every time I see this one I sing it again.

With the exception of Instagram, I have deleted all my other social media profiles. the negativity and hopelessness exhibited there was too much. I much rather hear about bad home brewed Star Frontiers games 

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Artist looking for work!

My name is Jeff Brown and I am always looking for new projects to take on of any kind where I can create any kind of location, environment, or landscape. 

I have had experience with around 100 clients over the past 3 years as as professional freelance artist and I would love to make your vision come to life.

I charge $450 for illustrations like the ones I have posted here.

Please take a look at my website for more information at

If you have any questions, thoughts, or commissions, please email me at, and if this interests you or may interest someone you know, please share it! 
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I live in Austin, yet the "what's nearby" section of my feed is the most bland, milksop collection of posts ever. It's even worst than Facebook 

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I picture alot of Sly and the Family Stone in his rotation 
I would like to hear some music.

Give me your hotness, your new school cool, your vintage fab

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I would buy the hell out of this blend!! +Death Wish Coffee Company 
There should be a Mad Max themed coffee.



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My friend +Pablo Rojo and me we are making a playlist on Spotify specially designed to play DCC RPG listening to that fantasy rock music that were released in the seventies (around 1974).

You can find some artists like Led Zeppelin, Rush, Journey, Rainbow, among others. You can enjoy this music just looking for the playlist on Spotify with the name "DCC RPG - Dungeon Crawling in the 70's".

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i too wonders what that universe would of been like
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