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ozan yigit (oz)
programmer, photographer, occasional haiku poet. unix since 1982.
programmer, photographer, occasional haiku poet. unix since 1982.

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a good takedown. "Four garbage studies don’t suddenly become a great, solid study when combined."

dear lazyweb: is there a decent crossword app for idevices that doesn't require continuous "pack" purchases and/or costlier-than-music subscription? what i've seen so far is costly or not particularly interesting. 

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#reallygoodreads nonfiction pile includes knuth, cal newport, mark kingwell, cat valente...

"freedom was never more than a happy accident because the common jerk, all human races, hates and fears all freedom, not only for his neighbors but for himself, and stamps it out whenever possible." -- robert a. heinlein ["glory road"]

in the dark times
will there also be singing?
yes there will be singing
about the dark times.
— bertold brecht

R.I.P, Turkey, 1919-2017. a piece of my heart died with you.

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judith curry is a particularly curious case. she even borrowed eric raymond's bizarre "failure cascade" claims at one point.

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"The Interdependency is a lie built on strong-arming competitors, hoarding power, and boosting monopolies, but among its many ills is not a tired misogyny: in this world, women are powerful and competent, and it’s excellently done."

"So this comparison ended up boiling down to “the remake isn’t as good as the original; if you want a cool cyberpunk movie, watch the 1995 Ghost in the Shell,” which I’m sure has surprised nobody (myself included)." -- justin cummings [critics at large]

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