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Have you been waiting for a Defender Series for your Kindle Fire? Well it's coming! Check out the new case and sign up for a notification once it is available. We won't make you wait much longer.
Kindle Fire Cases have finally arrived! Get unrivaled protection for your Kindle Fire with the Defender Series from OtterBox. Free Shipping on all Kindle Fire Cases.
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What about a galaxy note case!!!!
It's coming! Once we have more info, we will share with our fans!
You killing us with waiting time that long. About the same like 3 months i was waiting for s2 last year but when it comes to iphone case is released right away. Even alka-seltzer doesnt work for me anymore
Dude you guys are dropping the ball! If there is not a defender series case for the note I will never buy one of your products again! I mean really the guy has a point you put out a million different cases for the iphone! what the hell?
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