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We’re celebrating 20 years of Orioles baseball at Camden Yards in 2012! Check out, featuring an interactive Eutaw Street home run tracker.

What is your favorite Camden Yards memory?
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my favorite would be the last red sox game i was at when we won and got to shut up all those sox fans that took the train down
Limiting myself to only the games I attended? 19 July 2008, Luke Scott hit a walk off homer in the 10th to beat the Tigers 11-10. Probably the most stoked I've ever been at a ballgame.
May 17,1996. Chris Hoiles hit a walk-off Grand Slam off Norm Charlton. The O's were in a 3-run hole entering the bottom of the 9th. I was 9 at the time. Orioles magic for sure!
My favorite were the second series of 92' detroit was in town and Hoiles hit a dinger. Then he was sat in favor of Jeff Tackett who got upo and hit one himself, lifting my birds past Tettelton and the Tiggers
Fourteen of those years that Orioles fans would like to forget. Still a great ballpark though, but the franchise no longer matches the ballpark.
It's been 20 years? Wow
Hmm opening day 3 or 4 years ago. Broke up a fight between a Yankee & Red Sox fan, neither of which we were playing. Typical Camden!
when nick markias threw out Johhny daymon from right field
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