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Get the Job You Want by Gaining the Interview Skills You Need
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You've landed the job interview and now you face a gauntlet of tough technical interviews, including language quirks, best practices, math, and the all-too-common coding-at-the-whiteboard test. Be prepared by studying a wide range of interview questions and acceptable answers. Learn what interviewers look for, and how to present your best side. Plus, know how to succeed once you've got the job.

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We had a great time last week, and looking forward to seeing more folks join in this week,  Find out how, and mark your calendars.
#IoTChat Live Tweet Event by @OReillySolid is happening Wednesday April 16 at 6pm ET/ 3pm PT. This week's topic is #Robotics. Join special guest Tom Panzarella of Love Park Robotics and host +Jim Stogdill for 1 hour of intense conversation & a +romotive prize giveaway
Date: Wednesday, April 16th, 3 pm- 4 pm PST (12 pm - 1 pm ET) Location: #IoTChat (Search Hashtag on Twitter) or visit How to Join: Join #IoTChat Tweet Chat on April 16th about #robotics with Solid's @117132268332048906100 and guest Tom Panzarellla of Love Park Robotics. Join#IoTChat to be entered to win a free Romo Robot (  Connect with experts to discuss robotics a...
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I'll be there! But it's 6 pm ET, right?
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Have you ever picked a lock? Ever wanted to know how to?
Save 50% on Lock Picking Ebooks and Never Be Locked Out Again 

Learn the fun art of picking locks

Lock picking isn't just for locksmiths and security pros—thousands of amateurs enjoy it as a hands-on exercise for learning about lock mechanisms and how they keep you secure, or fail to. Written for pros and hobbyists alike,'s lock picking titles have easy-to-follow lessons to advance you in this fascinating field.

For one day only SAVE 50% on lock picking ebooks and unlock the secrets of door-ware security and more. 

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Yes i have and i picked up the skill very quickly
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In Portland last year, +Tim O'Reilly spoke about Creating more Value than you capture on the main stage at +OSCON . Don't miss incredible talks like this, and more, plus the sessions, birds of a feather, and  as Nick says below, "some of the industry's sharpest people."

"OSCON is a great opportunity for us to really get our geek on and meet with some of the industry's sharpest people. Love the 'Birds of a Feather' sessions. We had a great time at what we consider the best conference we get to attend." — Nick Thuesen, Senior Software Engineer, +The New York Times

Ready, set, go! OSCON registration is open and the schedule is now posted. Plus, the first 500 to register can get a new pair of Converse shoes
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Introduction to Python
with +Jessica McKellar
Jessica McKellar is doing an introduction to Python video series for O'Reilly. This class is for first time programmers, there are no prerequisite, Jessica will walk through setting up your environments and learn and practice the python programming language through a series of fun interactive lectures and exercises.

By the end of this course you will have hands on exposure to many core programming concepts, you'll be able to write useful Python programs, and you'll have an excellent roadmap to continue to learn and practice programming in Python.

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Do you want to ask +Tim O'Reilly  anything about +O'Reilly Solid? Join him on +reddit Tuesday, April 22nd for a live online event: 'I am Tim O'Reilly- Ask Me Anything (about #Iot )
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The Spring 2014 issue of BioCoder is out now, download your free copy Fungi; DIYBiomimicry; Hacking Lab Equip + more

We’re at the start of a revolution that will transform our lives as radically as the computer revolution of the 70s. The biological revolution will touch every aspect of our lives: food and health, certainly, but also art, recreation, law, business, and much more.

BioCoder is the newsletter of that revolution. It’s about biology as it moves from research labs into startup incubators, hacker spaces, and even homes. It’s about a very old programming language that we’re just beginning to understand, and that’s written in a code made up of organic chemicals. It’s the product of a sharing community of scientists that stretches from grade school to post docs and university faculty.
#Biocoder   #DIYBiology   #Biology   #biotechnology   #BioTech  #OReilly  
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Here's our ebook Deal of the Day: Webmin Administrator's Cookbook - $13.49 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL 

Running your own dedicated server has become simpler and less expensive. These days, administering a development server or hosting sites and web applications has become part of the job for many developers. Webmin is an easy-to-use web-based tool which makes getting started with new administrative tasks and performing common jobs more simple and efficient.

Webmin Administrator's Cookbook offers practical, step-by-step recipes covering a range of topics related to setting up and administering a server. The book will show you how Webmin can help you configure an Apache web server, MySQL server, or PostgreSQL database server, as well as how to set up web applications running in PHP or Python.

The book starts by showing you how to set up Webmin on your server and provides you with clear, practical tutorials on configuring various services needed to run a full-fledged web server.

The book provides a handy reference for performing various administrative tasks using Webmin. Whether you want to lock down your server to put it on the Internet or open up more convenient access for use on an internal network, you'll learn how Webmin can help you do it.The book provides recipes for running Apache, MySQL, and PostgreSQL and for getting started with PHP, WordPress, Drupal, Python, and Django.Webmin Administrator's Cookbook will enable you to step more confidently into the world of server administration and prove to be a valuable add-on to your arsenal.
#WebAdmin   #Ebook   #webapplicationdevelopment   #PHP   #Drupal   #Python   #OReilly  
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Don't mis our Video Deal of the Week: Lean UX Workshop
By +Jeff Gothelf 
Only $34.99 (Save 50%) Use code VDWK

Lean Startup and Lean UX: Aligning business, design, and technology

Dive deep into Lean Startup and Lean UX methods with this comprehensive workshop video—and learn how to remove risk from the software development process. Recorded live in Boston in February 2014, this Lean UX Workshop provides a potent, fast-paced mix of lecture, hands-on exercises, and discussion. Download these videos or stream them through our HD player, and discover how small, cross-functional agile teams design and build software by validating assumptions throughout the process.

Instructor Jeff Gothelf delivers practical takeaways that designers, product managers, and engineers can start using immediately:

    Identify assumptions about your users and their needs
    Determine your constraints, business goals, and potential paths to success
    Translate these assumptions into testable hypotheses
    Create experiments to test your hypotheses
    Learn how MVPs (minimally viable products) and experiments work together
    Put it all together in an agile rhythm

Take a journey of discovery

Interested in building a successful collaborative approach to designing and building delightful digital products and services? This fun workshop shows you how to tackle business problems by helping you work through:

    Project visioning—How does your team provide a shared vision for the project?
    Creation of a business model/lean canvas—How do you achieve outcomes by understanding your assumptions, risks, and initial tactics?
    Persona & empathy work—Who is your user and what is the real value you can provide to them?
    Story and experiment mapping—What does the full customer experience look like? How can you test whether your ideas improve that? What will you measure?

    About the instructor

    Jeff Gothelf is a leading voice on the topics of Agile UX & Lean UX and a highly sought-after international speaker. Currently a Principal in Neo's New York City office, Jeff has led teams at TheLadders, Publicis Modem, WebTrends, Fidelity, & AOL. He and Josh Seiden wrote Lean UX, awarded the 2013 Jolt Award from Dr. Dobb's Journal as the best book of the year.

    "The Lean UX Workshop provided the missing piece for our designers to work well with our agile development teams. I'm excited about how it sets each team member on the same page before diving into implementation and ensures that we're building something our customers really want!"

    --Chip Goines, Senior Software Engineer, Harvard University
#UX   #uxdesign   #Lean   #leanux   #Oreilly   #Video  
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Ready, set, go! ‪#‎OSCON‬ registration is open and the schedule is now posted. Plus, the first 500 to register can get a new pair of Converse shoes
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