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From Optics to Virtual Reality
From Optics to Virtual Reality


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The near future of automotive exterior lighting

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EVENT : Le 15 Décembre prochain, Laval Virtual Organise en partenariat avec @Keolis, à l'Atelier @BNPParibas, un LV Days dédié aux usages de la ‪‎Réalité Virtuelle et ‪‎Réalité Augmentée dans le domaine des Transports et de la Logistique.

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/// EVENT ///@IITSEC 2015, The World's Largest Modeling, Simulation & Training Conference. I/ITSEC is a multi year annual special event that will showcase a Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) network on the show floor. DoD and Industry exhibitors will be demonstrating their latest innovative Modeling & Simulation (M&S) capabilities.

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IVR 2015
June 24 - 26, Tokyo, Japan

With more than 80.000 visitors this year's IVR again was a real success!

Thanks to all our booth partners (such as Christie, Nihon Binary, ESI, TechViz, Haption,...) for their fantastic and friendly cooperation!

Watch video:

Read here for more information:…/…/past-events/details/ivr-2015/

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 Discover the new article of TIME MAGAZINE : Why Virtual Reality Is About to Change the World. How does Virtual Reality work ? In short, it all has to do with a computer doing its best to trick your brain. A virtual reality headset shows you an image and as soon as you move your head it modifies that image to make it seem like you’re really there. 3D audio can also enhance the experience and make you forget your physical surroundings.

Rely on Humans !! A Human centered development means to keep human in the loop during the complete development process, 
User, Builder and Maintainer in the loop !
OPTIS Virtual Platform provide solutions to assist you in each development phasis: From User Experience study, through Egineering design to Manufacturing and maintenance operations, keeping human factors in the loop all along the development process

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Today OPTIS is a reference in physics based simulation, dealing with the overall Light area namely physics based materials, human vision and sensor modeling. 
OPTIS Proposal of Virtual Prototyping and virtual relaity is unique to make everyone see eye to eye . 
The Optis Virtual modeling is Physics based ! A physically correct content definition is key 
OPTIS software integrate a Physical Modeling of each element to really simulate the perception 
And guarantee Predictivity & Realism

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Discover the new WEBINAR OPTIS !! Human-Centered Development in Transportation. Explore how to exceed regulations, increase quality, promote and deliver innovative user experiences for HMI, interior and exterior lighting.

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WEBSITE: We have updated the contents to more closely reflect our current activities and focus

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We invite you to discover OPTIS VR suite: The interactive #Virtual #Reality solution for aerospace. #PAS2015 #PARIS 
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