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We use our extra day to catch up on Opera 12 development! Sty tuned for more snapshots!
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Good job opera! can't wait it!
Any plans to release regular 64bit version? Not the one from Opera Labs
Since the last couple of point release for Opera 11 and this Opera 12 alpha I find the fonts on my Linux system look jagged and very poor. Any tips on how I can rectify this? Thanks.
Wooo, looking forward to Opera 12.
Ah, and I thought with 12 Google+ was working now - damn.
+Michael Rieken I know, too bad. We should send a feedback about Google+ and optimalization for Opera 12 ...
looking forward to the final version Opera 12!!! Opera is my favorite browser!!!
I like the interface of opera 12 especially with the theme add-on. I put on "monster" as my theme, and my opera looked stunning. But there was a problem with the 'adobe shockwave player". It crashed many times. I guess, i'll wait for the full version of Opera 12. But anyway good job!
Facebook to uy Opera!?
Opera the fighter for open internet + Facebook the end of the open internet?

I am among the first Opera supporters (even paid for some versions :) ) But Facebook!
Deleting opera........ , Sorry.
+Opera I hope, this is not truth ! I used to hate fakebook ! And used to love Opera web browser.
I used Opera for one ans only Browser !
But Facebook ?? wtf...Please let it be a damn joke
+Harry Noorda don't do it yet, opera isn't sold yet...

+Opera: don't get sold to facebook... I even remember version where ad in the top was covering up some buttons, but I was still using it, because you are so good! Please, don't kill it by solding your soul to the zuckenberg...
Would be really a shame...
Using Opera since years, but Facebook would end this relationship !
Keep independent Opera !
the Opera 12.00 Release Candidate 1 is out
hey what's up with jquery and transitions like slide shows??? It doesn't work on your browser. See twitter bootstrap or other examples in the web.
not on smartphone but on my two old windows xp with one core cpu and 1gb ram my opera 12.00 freeze all the time, on my third with dualcore (2gb ram) my opera rocks!!
I don't know if my opera is not well-installed but is slowly, with twitter bootstrap 2.0.3 fails in many issues. I can understand that IE7 or IE8, even IE9 is bad browser but Opera 12...??
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