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Nominate your choice: what's the geekiest country in the world?
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I said it before and I say it again: Japan
Why?! Well from Wikipedia about japanese bidets:
"...While the toilet looks like a Western-style toilet at first glance, there are numerous additional features—such as blow dryer, seat heating, massage options, water jet adjustments, automatic lid opening, automatic flushing, wireless control panel, room heating and air conditioning for the room—included either as part of the toilet or in the seat.[2] These features can be accessed by an (often wireless) control panel attached to the seat or mounted on a nearby wall.[2]"
now, that´s geeky!
Korean Simida & Chinese Shanzhai
I say Estonia :)
because we made Skype, Kazaa and we use ID cards instead of passports for traveling and identification witch can be used in web based apps to log in to sites, Opera browser not suported :(
We have cheap (6€ = 30GB per month) 3.5G internet everywhere (4G not so much yet) and alot of free wifi hotspots.
South Korea, 100% Internet access....
by year 2015, 98% of estonian houses will be connected with fiber optical cabel internet connection
France, the micral, beBox, freebox, rafale, concorde ,stmicroelectronics and thats all i think
estonia is a small country :(
I'm Half Japanese but I would have to go with South Korea
+Sam Wronski and +Joel Montenegro  because "geek companies" do not define geek countries. United States, for instance, is not geek because of the poor knowledge in math and geography of the population in general.
Japan and South Korea, on the other side...
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