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#Astral #Projection - Real or Nonsense?

Are #out #of #body #experiences real or just the usual fabricated rubbish?

Out of body experiences sometimes known as #OOBE, astral projection or sprit travel are experiences of being aware of oneself leaving your own body.

An out of body experience is the experience of floating outside of your physical body in another body sometimes called an astral body or a subtle body or even an imaginary body.

Most people have heard about out of body experiences in one form or another and they are usually the result of a near death experience. Near death experiences which involve out of body experiences usually occur due to an accident or a heart attack where the physical body stopped breathing and the heartbeat stops.

It is often reported that people who have had this experience perceive the physical body lying behind on the bed or on the floor. There is then a floating upwards and observing of the surrounding area such as in a hospital room, operating table or even at a roadside collision.
Scientists and #parapsychologists are still working on experiments to this day to prove or disprove the existence of real out of body experiences.

Out of body experiences have been reported for thousands of years as far back as Egyptian and biblical times through many Eastern philosophical religions and spiritual and/or meditative practices including the indulgence of medications or drugs such as a #hallucinogenic.

Out of body experiences are prominent in such practices as Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, shamanism and yoga or yogism.
It is also reported by certain religious practices and faiths such as Tibetan Buddhism that upon your #death you will actually leave your body, in other words you will have an astral body experience or an out of body experience.

Tibetan Buddhists will spend a lifetime through meditative practice aiming to have one real out of body experience to prepare for the death moment as they believe that upon the precise moment of death you only have one opportunity to take the right direction/pathway to leave this realm and move on towards a higher plane and not return back into the cycle of death and #rebirth better known as the Samsara wheel.

It is also reported that there are two types of out of body experiences where one is imagined or dreamlike and the other is actually real.
There are two schools of thought regarding OBEs, the one is the unconscious mind playing tricks on you. In other words dreamlike or lucid type experiences and the other is where people are absolutely convinced they had the real OOBE experience and that they could sense and feel the difference between imaginary and actually real however the mind is truly capable of making anything real.
The word out of body experience was originally coined by George N Tyrrell, the author of a book called apparitions (1943).

It is said that 10 people out of every hundred have had an OBE.
Psychologists and neuroscientists believe the experience to be the result of a dissociative or separating experience brought on by brain activity or brain changes as a result of trauma or accident or even a near death experience but this doesn't fully explain why millions of people have had the same reported experience other than simple suggestion.

For some who experience leaving the body, they find it can be life changing and never see life the same again as they will have acquired a sense of knowing that that there really is something more outside of this physical realm.
There are instructions available to teach a person how to practice to have such an experience. These instructions aren't included here for various valid reasons.
Whether the experience is real or imagined, it shouldn't be practised without proper guidance or research first as such an experience for some people can be quite frightening or psychologically damaging.
During deep sleep the brain goes into a dreaming state and in order for the dream to stay in the mind, the brain paralyses your body. For anyone who's ever woke up in a dream and had this experience of paralysis can be alarming but it's perfectly normal as the paralysis which happens to everyone every night occurs to stop you physically acting out the dream content and most will never know of this process.

It appears that this is the state that needs to be reached where you are still in the paralysed state that the conscious mind is now awake and it is from that state you can actually practice and learn how to leave the body.

If you'd like to know more about out of body experiences as to whether they are real or imagined/dreamlike states, check out books written by Dr. Susan Blackmore (parapsychologist) as she explains clearly about what is actually taking place from her own personal experience of an OBE.

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What is love?
Can this question be answered simply?
Is there one definitive answer to what love is?
The answer is NO, because no two people will agree on what love is. There are as many variations and interpretations on what #love is as there are as many people on the planet.
Ask anyone and you will hear a different answer each time.
There is an evolutionary view of what love is, a biological view, a psychological view, a religious view, a spiritual view and just a simple layman's view. The list is endless.
Love between a man and a woman is a combination of many things all happening at the same time.
Many people will say love is something you will only experience but cannot describe or you will know it when you find it.
In essence, love in its truest form is a selfless commitment and/or devotion to the other without any room for criticism or negativity. And that comes with a nice warm glowing feeling every time you think of that person including anticipation and excitement prior to meeting them.
This state usually evokes combinations of #feelings, senses and thoughts which have not been recognised yet, mingling with the needs and longings with pleasure and satisfaction and the need to adorn the other with presents or good times constantly making the effort to please and enhance the other person's well-being and so on.
When there are psychological and #emotional needs attached, insecurities and dependencies in this experience of love become tarnished and intruded upon and the beautiful state of love can become infected with doubts and insecurities, suspicion, distrust and jealousy and this can grow and escalate and rips of the love apart.
Beautiful #selfless states or periods of love with a partner generally don't last long before other things set in.
When you're in love, the other person becomes of more value and more important than yourself or even your own life.
When you are truly in love you may give your own life to save the other. This has to be experienced to be fully appreciated and many have come close to this moment where they were ready to give their life to save their loved one.
Love is giving up yourself #unconditionally and putting your loved one first.
Love is knowing each other really well and knowing when to let the other person lead, knowing when to not argue, knowing when to give and to share.
Love is when you are constantly putting yourself out to please the other person, when you are constantly making the effort to produce nice feelings in the other person and together, to make your moments special.
When two people come together various combinations of things all simultaneously gather to make a safe bonding moment where each person gives a little bit more of themselves and do a little bit more for the other and this is also reciprocated and a circuit is formed when one gives and produces pleasant safe and wanted feelings in the other and this is also reciprocated, sharing, reassuring, promising, supporting and enhancing each other's needs bit by bit in subtle ways creating a bond and a safe cycle of to-ing and fro-ing of niceness.
When we love someone truly, we are always thinking about them, were always missing them, and we can't wait to be with them again.
When you truly love someone you go out of your way to care for them faultlessly and to make sure that you don't produce doubts or uncertainty in the other person and you're both constantly reassuring each other that you need and want each other for the rest of your lives.
Being in love is when you cultivate each other's feelings and you make way for further nice loving times together.
This is love!

Copyright. Open College UK Ltd - Don't copy it, it is owned.

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#Dyslexia can have more of an emotional and psychological effect on children than people realise.

Ask anyone who grew up with dyslexia if they were ever mocked or #bullied and did it affect them in any way?

Dyslexia is a #learning #difficulty around the interpretation of words, letters and other related symbolism. Dyslexia is very common but does not affect general intelligence however due to its close association to learning and development it can be incorrectly perceived or believed that it is an intelligence related problem when in fact it is not.

This would be a completely ignorant view from people who would lack the insight and knowledge on what dyslexia really is.

First and foremost dyslexia is for many a severe problem related to reading and other related areas such as mathematics, spelling and typographical errors. This may also transfer further into the reading of code and or music.

Evidence suggests that dyslexia is over 30% more common in males than it is in females.

Most people who lack knowledge on dyslexia, when asked will often say its people having difficulty with seeing words or letters in reverse or back to front.

During the schooling for some children, it can affect #self-esteem and unless it is recognised and addressed early on, some children can grow up believing that there is something seriously wrong with them and can result in lack of drive or motivation to learn further due to fear of failure or criticism.

The avoidance of finding oneself in a situation where they are clearly demonstrating a difficulty to read in front of other class members can increase and obviously this could have a long term knock-on effect.
Externally, dyslexia can have all sorts of developmental problems which are mainly psychological or incorrectly believed.

Back through the decades teachers who have lacked knowledge on dyslexia have made incorrect or faulty judgements on children with this learning difficulty.

There are a range of educational programmes available to help improve writing in reading skills in most youngsters with this learning difficulty.

Evidence suggests that early intervention is best.
Children do face difficulties on a daily basis especially amongst peers and how they can be perceived.
Just ask anyone who suffers from dyslexia and they will often tell you that they have experienced the usual bullying or mocking due to this reading and writing difficulty.
Yes, dyslexia can have an unpleasant knock-on effect in children when growing up.

Children with dyslexia can be treated to live happy and full productive lives as long has the condition is recognised and education is provided on the subject

Open College UK Ltd Copyright.

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Does a healthy super food diet help with depression?
No, people just think it does.

Belief is very powerful for many reasons.

Ask a person suffering from depression, real depression if eating lots of super foods works and all will tell you NO, NEVER.

The point being, eating bananas or omega 3 will not change someone's depression irrespective of people telling you that super foods worked for them.

This would be considered ridiculous from the point of view of someone suffering from serious depression or because eating bananas or fish produces more serotonin, people who don't suffer from depression might feel comfortable in proceeding with the belief that because these foods produced more serotonin then it has to follow that depression will be reduced because serotonin levels are incredibly low in people suffering from depression

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#Training Course in Canine Barking
 Once completed you are entitled to use the letters Dip.dogbarking and MOC MSFTR after your name.

This course will teach you on how to develop your ability in identifying the meaning of each type of bark and help you understand and manage all types of barking behaviour.

Teaches you the different categories of bark, giving you an idea of what each bark sounds like. Understanding the type of bark and what the actual bark is about will help you understand the need or state of mind your dog is in and what they are simply asking you.

Enrolment for this course is open and on-going. Anyone is welcome to enrol onto this course with or without any background experience or knowledge.

This course is ideally suited to both novice and professional dog trainer or dog behaviourist. This course specifically addresses canine barking and leads you to a better understanding and managment of all barking behaviour.

This course is an excellent resource for all dog owners trainers and behaviourists alike.
Barking is one of many ways that canines communicates with other dogs and people.

#Barking is part of the #dogs communicative language. A bark is an expression of a need or state of mind within the dog. The barking dog is trying to say something to you.

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Should the Nation Go E-Learning?
Using the latest technology to improve business productivity and education is a good way to grow a highly digitized generation with more opportunities than ever. Many students, their parents, and even teachers support the idea of e-classes.
Today the Internet has all necessary information and online courses. Students can even pass online language proficiency, business, math, and other tests. It is also possible to hire qualified essay writer to complete the tricky tasks. Most of the universities and colleges accept electronic scores and certificates.

Many support the idea that studying at home using various technological devices like tablets and mobile phones keeps children away from potential childish cruelty. So, should the nation choose e-learning to build new future?

Mobile Technologies to Help
Mobile devices and laptops allow students and teachers from different parts of the world to keep in touch. Thus, it is possible to study Chinese with the native speaker without flying to Beijing. Even small kids are well aware of full MS Office (including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio-FrontPage) and few versions of Photoshop. Such skills lead to higher competence and more fields to choose from. In addition, current technologies allow students to master business disciplines in order to launch own company one day.

It is now far easier to conduct <a href=""> SWOT</a> and <a href="">PEST analysis </a>with the help of different marketing tools like online supply and demand curve. From e-mail marketing to web-development, IT students are definitely holding the winning positions as for today.

Also, using mobile technology and communications like Skype or Viber provides people with the opportunity to study new subjects and gain further career opportunities. With the help of Skype, students can contact their friends from other countries to share academic essays, research papers, and case studies to observe. That’s when one’s weak sides are compensated by another’s strengths.

But what is more important, computer technologies assist in teaching disabled kids. As it was <a href="">reported by one of the educational websites: </a>

“A lot of elite schools, universities, and colleges take care of the students with limited learning abilities by purchasing assistive technology. As Will Knight from MIT Technology Review reports, the demand for voice computers for blind children has grown dramatically.”

More Time for Your Family
An example of working moms shows the importance of technology in modern life. Today, most of the women play two roles: caring mother and successful business lady. So, mobile devices and online conferences are the best options to catch up with everything.

For instance, parents lack the time to pick up the kids from school. It’s hard to dedicate time to household as well. Remote studying is a good chance for all family members not only to spend more time together, but share skills and do the homework assignments altogether.

By knowing the basics of IT perfectly, it is possible for a person to study, work, and freelance in the sake of flexible hours. These alternatives are possible thanks to the rapid technological progress. Technology helps to create this education-work-home balance. It makes possible to reach a person at any time, so there is no need to sit in the classroom or office all day long.

Risks of Modern Technology
At the same time, 70% of people, especially teenagers, who use technology to keep their education-work-life balance in norm, experience regular stressful situations.

Perhaps, the primary reason is that they cannot focus on one thing; they are falling apart striving to do everything. Students try to catch up with several tasks at a time: solving math problems, getting ready for biology test, scoring in online RPG game, and messaging with friends. It makes them even more tired than those who are sitting in the school all day. Another disadvantage of this extensive digitalization is the technological obsession.

People get heavily addicted to the Internet just like some get by the drugs of alcohol. It is a serious threat to modern society. Students have to avoid spending too much time on the web in favour of real-time activities.

About author:  David Sia works distal for  as an editor.  He holds master’s  degree in law and travels around the Europe.

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Deep Profound #Relaxation! #Aromatherapy Diploma Course. #Holistic treatments.

Aromatherapy is an holistic therapy treatment which can have a deep calming effect on your mind, body and feelings.

Aromatherapy combines the relaxing, healing touch of massage with the therapeutic properties of essential massage oils. These oils are obtained from plants and have been renowned for centuries for their positive remedial effect on the nervous system.

This course covers many acupressure techniques based on the Japanese therapy known as Shiatsu, Varied massage strokes, contra-indications, the initial consultation and a detailed full body massage sequence and remedial massage techniques, Study of Minerals and Vitamins etc. By the time you have completed this course you will be educated in many areas of aromatherapy.

Aromatherapists work in hospitals, nursing homes, natural health practices or run their own mobile practice or work directly from home on a self employed basis.

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The main aim of this course is to increase #confidence  #training where confidence is lacking and is based on compassion focused #therapy (CFT).
Enrolment for this course is open and I'm going all year round. Anyone is welcome to join this course with or without any background qualifications or experience. This course is ideally suited to professionals, therapists in practice and the complete beginner or novice.

This course will help students to recognise their internal negative chatter specifically centred on self-critical, negative self talk and to understand and recognise the impact it can have on one's life. This text will teach proven techniques on how to improve self-confidence in you or in your client and help to better progress towards aspiration and short and long-term goals in life.

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