Open ClipArt Library developers (aka Fabricatorz) are proud to announce the end of yet another release cycle 3.1, codename "bugkillaz"!

As you can see from title, this cycle was aimed to bug hunting and eliminating.

The main goals that was acheived in this release are:

* New favoriting system (we have pretty cool dynamic TOP's on main page)
* Collections feature was improved
* We're moved to brand-new server that will handle our huge database much better
* Added ability to online editing of SVG through ImageBot (though we're think to change this proprietary engine to open-source one, like svg-edit)

So we're on the move to new phase → 3.2 "featurez+requestz"
In this cycle we're aimed to make OCAL sharing and using even much easier!

You can get more info about 3.2 release milestone at our page on Launchpad (the link is below).

Thank you all for your support, your contributions and your love!

Please help us grow even bigger and build biggest and greatest libre clipart website — share the info about us among your friends, consider donating to us and of course — contribute to us your cool cliparts :)

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