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Customers naturally like their issues to be resolved quickly in one call. In fact, it's often a frustrating experience to have to call back for the same issue and repeat the details to a different person, from another department.

#CallCenter #ContactCenters #CustomerSatisfaction #CustomerCare

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Of course, #CallCenter leaders want only the best talents for their team, but how can you ensure you're #hiring only the best #CustomerSupport agents?

Focus on improving these qualities to attract high-performing #CallCenter agents for your firm.

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#Resignation letters are the last thing #CallCenter managers would want to see on their desks. But painful as they are, you must remain calm and professional so you can handle them well.

Follow these guidelines on how to deal with resignations in your organization and keep the rest of your team motivated.

#attrition #ContactCenter #EmployeeManagement

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All over the world, businesses are operating in a landscape where everything is changing fast, thanks to #technology. Let's look at how the world's #outsourcing capital, the #Philippines, is adapting to this dynamic environment.

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Brands may feel the need to impress their customers with fancy gestures to gain their trust or fuel their loyalty. But in most cases, what customers really appreciate are the tiny things that show you genuinely care about them.

[ #CustomerService #Customercare #CustomerLoyalty #CustomerSupport ]

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#Attrition is every #CallCenter’s problem, yet so few of them are doing something about it.
But what’s really causing it?

Here’s the truth you don’t want to hear.

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"It is typically the interactive hub of your website and delivers numerous benefits you can’t achieve through other tools.

#Blogging is the most important aspect of #ContentCarketing when it comes to generating organic traffic.

Yes, there is a lot of work involved. However, your blog gives you a voice with your customers and offers you the opportunity to be seen as an expert in your particular industry."

[ via Business2Community ]
#DigitalMarketing #content #blogs #SEO

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Employee #turnover in #CallCenters continues to rise.

This a reality many #BPO companies must face. Read this article to learn more about attrition and turnover in the #CustomerSupport field.

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Delivering high-quality content for your target audience must be one of your #DigitalMarketing goals. This is especially critical for #B2B firms like #CallCenters.

Here are 7 tips on how you can improve your #ContentStrategy and generate more leads for your #ContactCenter.

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Be part of the country's leading industry by applying at Open Access BPO!

We're looking for bilingual #CustomerSupport reps with above average verbal and writing skills in both German and English. You'll be tasked to communicate with customers and solve their concerns via the phone and email. Thus, a keen attention to details and a knack for multitasking would come in handy for this job.

Qualified applicants will receive a monthly salary of Php65,000 plus a signing bonus.

Click here to apply now!
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