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marcy harriell
Actress, Singer, Maker, Player.
Actress, Singer, Maker, Player.


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wax on, wax off
A surprising sidebar came up in a recent post, the original topic of which was surprising in itself (however, said surprises were most likely surprising specifically to me, which is unsurprising, as I am surprised by A LOT these days.) Of course,  the post ...

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Construction (not the kind you think).
As I sit here with my morning cup of black gold, soft breeze drifting through the open window, reveling in the sounds of the NONSTOP, DEAFENING BUZZ of a circular saw cutting through brick (a cacophony that has gone on ALL SUMMER LONG), I look to the weeken...

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So there's this chick I know, who at the best of times is not the most coherent or patient lady, this chick who therefore took her time editing and rewriting a delicate post so that she hopefully would not be misunderstood. Congratulating herself on her gre...

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Simplicity 1687 & Complicated Thoughts
WELL NOW. Unfortunately, it seems I must say some things about my the use of the English language, in order to continue to say anything at all in these parts.  It is unfortunate mainly for me, because to be quite honest, I DON'T FEEL LIKE IT. I'd like to ju...

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Vogue 9106 (ish.)
My closet was always schizophrenic. As a kid, I loved to crash bang through a riot of color, and come up with a different character every day. Given my penchant for costume and spotlight, acting was the obvious path for me. Having many roles imposed upon me...

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The Pink Handheld Steamer: Confusing Non-Sewists Everywhere.
It's pink, it's oddly shaped, it has one job, and it does it well.  (But it also has a side hustle of freaking non-sewing people out. Something about it says "1950's vibratory relaxation." I know this, because I asked a friend of mine when I caught her side...

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Vogue 1239 : Wrap me in Rucci
Welcome, Summer. So glad you're here. A little bummed that I can't wear this maxi wrap dress, made back in Spring, but really, who knows with our new fickle seasons? I keep my closet all temperature now. Like a bottle of Cheer. Do they still make Cheer? I'm...

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Full Floral for Spring
It’s time to play Guess How Many Pattern Pieces Are In This Very Simple Looking Skirt. Ready? If you guessed 17, you win no prize whatsoever, unless you’d like to laugh at my insanity. I suppose I could have achieved this sort of swishability with a gathere...

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Simplicity 8013: Sanity Sewing!
YOWZA. I'm back from a shoot in Pittsburgh and playing catch up! I've been rabid to show you this dress since I finished it a month ago, so I'm going to give myself a pass on creating my usual, slightly incoherent paragraphs to go along with it. Or maybe I ...

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The Trees for the Forest
Heeeeere's to the LAAAAYdies who LUNCH , Rob crooned when he caught a glimpse of my getup. I hollered back laughter. Yep. Not my style, is it. I don't know how to explain my fascination with this fabric. It's my Mood Sewing Network April offering, a scuba p...
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