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"Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience." Paulo Coelho
"Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience." Paulo Coelho

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Great to see our Maunsell Forts project featured in the outdoor magazine raus!
Six pages filled with a great story and cool pictures. That is also a good reminder to finish the english version of our bigger documentary about that project... ;-)

Next week we will show another trailer to tease you a bit...

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Completing the full man of the 650 m nylon world record line in Auvergne near Volvic.
Luckily the second time there was no crazy storm and Alexander Schulz Slackliner could walk that monster!
If you haven`t seen the 17 min long documentary yet you can watch it here for free:
It`s was a very hard job to get everything done there but nonetheless we had a fantastic time at that unique location and everybody involved in that project made it very special! Thanks everybody involved for your support and help!
photo: Jana Erb KontraPixel
#beunstoppable #volvic #challenge #weareslackline #oneinchdreams #worldrecord #slacklineworldrecord

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Big line, big city! The view standing on top of Torre Reforma and Torre BBVA Bancomer was incredible! Mexico City is surrounded by a lot of vulcanos and you could see as well the smoking Volcán Popocatépetl (5462 m)!
Double #urban highline #worldrecord! It is both the longest (217 m) and heighest (240 m) #highline ever been rigged in a city.
Stay tuned for more epic shoots and unbelievable films. We are humbled!
Big thanks to AltiusEvents and INTERprotección for making this happen!!! Thanks so much for everybody involved in that project!
picture by: Alfredo Martínez Fernández
#SeguroLoVes #MiraAlCielo #CDMX #oneinchdreams #weareslackline #worldrecord #slackline #BreakWorldRecordsWithStyle #DefyYourLimits

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Still so stoked about what happened last sunday! We have been working a lot to realise a line between skyscrapers (actually we have been pretty close in another big city...) and it is truely a dream coming true!
The rigging process was also one of a kind. It wasn`t legally possible to use a drone so it had to be done manually. Not an easy task as we had to cross one of the biggest streets in Mexico and also needed to avoid all kinds of trees. Even the street was closed for a short time at midnight :-)
Thanks to Alejandro and his team for doing this job with great mastery and really fast!
The vivid Mexico City was a perfect place and the positive support and all the congratulations were overwhelming! Without the great work and help of Altius Events and Interprotección it wouldn`t have been possible to pull of that dreamline! And of course as well the support from Torre Reforma and Torre BBVA Bancomer was great and mandatory. Thanks a lot for these beautiful anchorpoints ;-)
#ConINTERNoEstásSolo #ExpertosEnSeguros #MiraAlCielo #SeguroLoVes #oneinchdreams #weareslackline #DefyYourLimits
Thanks to everybody of that giant team that was involved! Muchas gracas a todos!!!
River Roots Zenith Adventure Media
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Walking above the morning city of Mexico!
While most of the people were still dreaming in their beds, Alexander Schulz Slackliner enjoyed the full exposure on the most spectacular urban highline so far.
Today we are already starting our next project. Cross your fingers, that one is going to be uncompromising and hard.
Thanks to Altius Events Interprotección BBVA Bancomer Torre Reforma the beauty of Mexiko-Stadt River Roots Zenith Adventure Media
#ConINTERNoEstásSolo #ExpertosEnSeguros #MiraAlCielo #SeguroLoVes

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Crazy winds and a slackline that moved like a giant lasso! All that couldn't stop Alex to try walking the longest Nylon highline so far, 650 m long and over 200 m high.
But Alex didn't think about giving up and came back to that beautiful location in the Auvergne near Volvic and finally walked that line!
Don't let yourself get stopped by one defeat, it's only important to be persistent and follow your dreams!
Weather data of the following night showed wind-speeds up to 125 km/h ! (…/mont-dore-puy-de-sancy/000Y3.html)
#beunstoppable #volvic #weareslackline #oneinchdreams #getoutstayout
Thanks Chmi Lebeiwz for this great photo and all the other Free Dome Liners for being there with us (... and the spansets hahah) ! :-)
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A great photo with our athlete Maggie Preimesberger enjoying the summer over a beautiful lake in Austria! Ohhhh how we wish to have more of these hot days with friends at the lake and fun on the waterline. But the colors of autumn also are unique, you just need to find the right perspective every time ;-)

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standing tension: 8 kN (nearly like in the good old days ;-) )
webbing: dyneema 34g/m
pulley system: Anaconda 9:1
We came straight from France to the idyllic scenery in Val Senales (Italy) and at first it looked that the weather god wanted to tease us again. Heavy winds were forecasted and as well rain fall. Today it turned out good: just at the right moment there was a bit of sunshine and a slight breeze blew through the valley.
Around 500 visitors were attending the walk that was part of the festivities regarding the 25th anniversary of Ötzi (5300 year old mummy found on the glacier above the lake). The Vernagt Lake is located at 1689 meters above sea level, temperatures are pretty fresh...
Alex cruised over the beautiful lake that changes colours all the times and is surrounded by high alpine mountains. It was a dream location for setting up the record and definitely not our last time here.
A big thanks to everybody involved and all the help from the local people! It was a pleasure to work with everybody here, the hospitality was just great, thank you!!!

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Our first highline in the beautiful Auvergne! 150m over a green and fresh valley that is the source region of Volvic. It was very special to walk over the trees and have the vulcanoes of the Chaine de Puys in the background. This is just the first line of three very awesome highlines. More to come soon... #beunstoppable #volvic #challenge #auvergne #weareslackline

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These hot temperatures here in Europe make us think back to the fun we had in the slackline paradise in Acapulco. Hopefully we get there back soon, such a great place!
Water is there is really warm, you can buy delicious seafood directly from the boat of the fishermen and the sunsets are the best!
Thanks for the great time there! :-)
photo: Rodrigo Gaya
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