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We're happy to announce the release of OMNeT++ 4.2.2, a maintenance release of OMNeT++ 4.2. This release contains bug fixes only.
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I have a project about authentication in unattended wireless sensor network!
do you think OMNET++ is a good choice as a simulator tool in this topic?

Thank you
It really depends what should be simulated and whether you have specific requirements regarding the sensors. OMNET++ has several frameworks that can help you. INET is rather high level and recommended if you need TCP/IP. Castalia on the other hand is specifically geared towards WSNs and might be a good starting point.
Hi, I am using omnet-4.2.2 but unfortunately I am facing the problem of Define_Module. When I am using that define module in inet for Ieee802154Mac, it gives error. Can help me please to sort out this problem?
ansarul, have u find the way to correct the problem, I am also facing the same thing.
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