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This is what I call innovation ! One device to rule them All.

But we still an important thing:
Mark live presenting this in a conference (UDS?) and with live coverage from media.
GOD DAMN! That is damn cool! Where can i get that app?! I need it ASAP!

Can i haz Ubuntu for Android?? PLIZ!!!
+Mohamed Ikbel Boulabiar It's certainly nice, but it isn't new either. I'm kind of disappointed that people didn't make the same kind of noise when Motorola did it :)
+Josh Melling The Atrix that shipped a year ago had a custom Ubuntu 9.04 that shipped with it, that has the same features as what Canonical is now advertising (sans unity). That implementation was done without Canonical originally.
They should do it with Samsung.
IMHO, in the phone market there are two companies: Apple and Samsung.
+Jonathan Carter when Motorola put it's app was only avaliable for the Atrix, and you need to buy a lot of hardware stuff. With Ubuntu for Android, you only need a Dual Core mobile phone.

This opens a new option for all brands.
I wonder how many people are going complain about Unity now since Canonical is revealing their plan. I guess TV is next. Way to go Canonical!
Wow. Next in line could (hopefully) be iOS or Mac OSX for Android!
I am looking at the Transformer Prime as a multimedia tool for our business - hangouts, grab n go video, social media... a smart wireless camera and a makeshift computer when the laptop isn't convenient.

I have been waffling between android and ipad... I use a macbook for my main puter and am getting tired of apple's proprietary pay to play and planned obsolescence.

This android and linux marriage could be the push I'm needing... if they can give the desktop access to android and android access to the desktop, they may have just slayed Goliath - if this interfaces with mobile easier and simpler than MS or Apple, it could be rather huge.

I'm quite interested.
Thanks for sharing.
Is this initial version based on Ubuntu 2D? I say that because of the style of the main menu when it opens.
"It's certainly nice, but it isn't new either. I'm kind of disappointed that people didn't make the same kind of noise when Motorola did it :)"

+Jonathan Carter What Motorola did was done by Motorola, for Motorola (and customers, I guess). This will most likely be open sourced and have a much wider reach.
I can see so much potential for this it's amazing! I'm sure I have to upgrade my Nexus One to take advantage of this though lol
+James Womack There are pacakges compiled for ARM with Ubuntu 12.04 (and probably a release or two before too). Ubuntu has pretty good ARM support from what I've heard. :)
[Eo] Ubuntu strebas por diversaj signifoj !
[En] Ubuntu is giving the best effort in many ways!
Sign me up! I have been prophetizing about a phone/computer where the keyboard, tablet, display device, etc. were all just various i/o options to 1-single device you take everywhere! And now it's within my reach!
i Luv Lunix as general
Ubuntu can be installed on HP TouchPad.
Not a huge fan of Ubuntu anymore (I like Arch better), but I guess this is a nice step for them. Congratz, Canonical! :)
+Jonathan Carter Really ? I though the stuff that was running on the Motorola Atrix when Docked was still Android not Ubuntu ?!?!?!?
For some reason I keep hearing Scarface when reading the title. Say Hello To My Little Friend! :)
+Jon Mallin +Dj Belieny It is dual boot - you can only run one image at a time - android or whatever version of linux you install. The news reports that had it running both at the same time were inaccurate. The only difference between regular dual booting and this is that the hardware powers up the image automatically, and suspends it automatically.

The news reports were based on sharing the same data from the filesystem. If it's running the linux image, the Android security checks aren't running, same as you can stick a Windows hd in a linux box and access everything. It's not much different than the people who were running Debian on this device last summer - they just didn't bother to try to make money off it.
This is misleading, you are NOT running linux on your Android, you are running your Android data into your Linux distro??
there are many comments about this new phone!!
+Gilbert Beaudry It's definitely misleading. They give the impression, without coming out and actually saying it, that you can run Android and Linux side-by-side. The only thing you can share is your data, same as any dual-boot (or hibernate-and-switch).

Then again, what do you expect from Canonical nowadays? After alienating their users, they have to find something to try to stay relevant. UbuntuTV won't do it - Lenovo has an Android 4.0 TV out with facial and voice recognition, motion sensors, multi-touch remote, etc. - and they're in production. UbuntuTV? Just search for - it's the same thing, just rebadged.

Back at the beginning of 2008, Shuttleworth said he expected Canonical to be profitable in 4-5 years. If you look at your calendar, time's running out, and Canonical is less and less competitive every year. The last few years have been marked by buggy releases, they've conceded the desktop to distros like Mint, their Unity interface is not going to attract OEMs without native Android support, which they gave up on in 2010 after making a big deal of it "within a year" in 2009, their Ubuntu One service is moribund, nobody cares about their cloud service, they just dumped Kubuntu ... it's a real mess. Even their former COO, Matt Asay, is now saying that he thinks they lack focus and are going in the wrong direction. Then again, I was saying that before they hired him.
Ubuntu for Android? That's a nifty combination I think. Ubuntu's user interface is quite nice.
I love that the Android is using a Debian based arch, but Ubuntu, in my opinion is not the best distro for this. Ubuntu is far too unstable and has far too many problems. But at least its a step in the right direction. I just wish it was Gen two, Debian core, or Knotix.
Any clues what Ubuntu version its running? I suppose 12.04?
Looks like it could be pretty good. Now if there was an option to run a different desktop-environment... anything but unity.
really look forward to it, when unity used in Mobile, and also, is there any news for Gnome to mobile?
Wow... This is really hot man. Now i see some innovation from opensource.
I can't wait till this is available.
I usually don't add to useless comments, but when I do, it's because material I'm commenting on is f!@%@#g amazing!
Ubuntu is Kenyan for "still shitting in our own water suppy." No thanks.
This looks so amazing and it would actually make me consider losing my desktop for one of long as I can use gnome shell...
+Barbara Hudson i'm confuzzled - if Android isn't actually running, how are they showing the Android wifi mgmt app etc.? Are they just putting facepaint on the Ubuntu equivs to look/act exactly like Android?

And separately, isn't it pronounced Oo-boon-too, all long "u"s? Anyone a native speaker? I thought Nelson Mandela settled that once and for all ...
This is so full of win, I need it...

One question though: What's the deal with that dock? A plastic box around an usb connector? Does it makes any sense?
Its probably not a usb connector....if it is well....everything needs a stand haha.
Don't know but the Dock could be using NFC ..could be just to connect it to USB but +Robert Cox is most likely right
Really impressive ! Need some speed and UI improvements but for a prototype that's really nice. Hope to see it on my SGS2
I'm looking forward to seeing the same concept applied to tablets: When the tablet is docked on a dedicated physical keyboard, it switches automatically to 'Ubuntu for Android' (with or without an external display).
hey is it out? how to get it?
+John Bergqvist Charging like: Ubuntu professional edition VS. Ubuntu community edition? Don't think they could sell it as a licensed product.
Dear. Ubuntu I am an ex ubuntu user, I stop using it since unity became the deafault gui for ubuntu.


I see myself using it, it´s so practical =)
Remember that Samsung Galaxy (or was it something else?) ad with the Ubuntu logo? Possibly related?
If I am not mistaken that was ubuntu tv, wich is cool but mehhh

But damn this is a portable device that you can connect in a monitor o tv.

It´s a portable ubuntu and not just a like live cd or usb, it´s your computer and phone in a single device.

Not a big fan of ubuntu but hell, Brilliant =)
+cameron hill , if you were answering me, in saying the video would clear things up - no, the video is where they showed Ubuntu "running" the Android wifi settings app ... that's the root q., architecturally, is Android actually active (as that seemed to show), or is Android hibernating, and Ubuntu is just accessing the filesystems (and the wifi app they showed has just been redesigned to mimic the Android app, in both appearance and behavior).

But maybe you were addressing someone else's comment in sending them to the video.
Hell the Maemo Distro for the Nokia N900 would be a milestone better install then Ubuntu. I own an N800, N810, and N900, and they all blow the android out of the water in both functionality, stability, energy use, and reliability. Show me an install with Maemo, and i'll be impressed. Ubuntu is far too common place these days, with far too many instabilities to prove to the general consumer market that Linux is the better OS. I have watched countless people convert to Linux using Ubuntu, only to be turned off by it, because of its instability issues. Its great that we have a Debian distro being used, But I think there could be far better Distro's being used then Ubuntu.
Ubuntu is the perfect Guinea Pig for this because they have the funding for the hype machine necessary to make it work for the masses.
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