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Help shape Ubuntu 12.04 by voting in the following poll on how Precise should handle multi-monitor launchers.

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Ubuntu 12.04 sports some significant improvements to multi-monitor support – both under and above the hood. But one aspect of how the final implementation will work is still being considered, as John ...
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I voted. I'd prefer an auto-hide launcher on both so that whichever I'm currently on I have easy access. It's not a real big deal though since I most commonly use the keyboard to bring up the launcher.
I think it should be an option within system settings to configure for each individual's likings
The article says it would be configurable. They already have their eye on that. But, like +Jim Scholfield, I tend to use the keyboard to start programs.
I voted for one launcher on one screen, as that's how i have XFCE setup with Cairo Dock, but I have it on the right-hand side of the screen
The only way dual-monitor will work on my computer is if I chose not to install nvidia drivers as it seems to have some sort of incompatibility. Works perfect without it, however (as you can imagine) if I attempt to run anything that requires 3D acceleration it simply won't work.

I know it is unrelated to the topic but I would love to see that fixed. Even though I believe it is not much of an Ubuntu problem, but Nvidia's...
Strangely I think Gnome 3 is the best way to handle these sorts of things. It just feels so natural to use on my dual monitor setup (without twinview for other reasons)
Since before beta one use multi monitor just freezes Ubuntu on my notebook with an Intel integrated videocard. The bug was reported, but I didn't get any answer or anything so, whatever for me, multimonitor just don't work anyways...
I use dual-monitor setup and would prefer auto-hiding launcher on the display where the cursor currently is. So focus = cursor hovering, dual auto hiding launchers, and epic responsibility. :]
Voted too.
+Carl Draper I know, right? I've tried everything I could think of...and I just gave up. Since I don't do any gaming in this computer it doesn't really affect me.
It's in the "articlesection" of the article on OMG!Ubuntu that's linked.
IDK... to me the launchers seems in the way, or sort of annoying when dual-viewing. Never tried Unity with dualview so I wouldnt know from personal experience though. But it was my first though popping up.
a question: why Ubuntu upgrades are always removing Crunchbang (i have it installed in another partition) from /boot/grub/grub.cfg all the time? :/ - this seems very weird...
+Paulo Silva , certain upgrades that affect the kernel run an update-grub. That shouldn't be an issue unless the OS prober in grub can't find your crunchbang partition. Look at your partition configuration.
well +Jim Scholfield, the fact is Crunchbang (wheezy) upgrades finds both Ubuntu and Crunchbang, and Ubuntu (12.04 beta) only finds Ubuntu - this is really weird... - i'd ask everyone to check this as well and confirm...
I have to say this. Blocking wifi and disabiling network adapters has been a problem since 10.04 LTS. 11.10 now, and still Canonical hasn't learned. Be sure that 12.04 doesn't have this issue!! It's absolutely nonsense.
I think it should be on every screen. I use the "autohide" function, so it doesn't get in the way and the launcher should be quick and never far away from where you work. It would actually bother me if i had to turn my head to another monitor just to start or switch to another application using the launcher.
+Paulo Silva , I have ubuntu 11.10, fedora, openSuse, bodhi, debian and test partitions that are all found by the Ubuntu grub. I haven't tried crunchbang. What I described is correct as to how updates change grub. On those occasions when grub is changed, first grub-install and then update-grub are run. Ubuntu uses Grub 2 and you can research from that what it looks for that it isn't finding in your case. The os prober is the grub script that does the find. That script is in your grub.d folder.
I think they should fix dual monitor crash issues with unity first... They should provide standard drivers somehw
Multi monitor or single? In Inda, most of the on line services want IE only for any transactions! Where do I go?
And, mind you, IE wont work on Ubuntu!
My Favourite in polished Open Source Linux World
There are user agent switchers for Chromium/Chrome as well from the Chrome web store. Whether using Chromium/Chrome or Firefox these have always allowed me to appear to be IE to someone's old site that is a mess.
I downloaded it, I want to use it, but I can't make a bootable flashdrive of it :(
I use Multimonitors setup everyday.
I prefer the launcher to be present in both monitors (All monitors for more than Two monitors setups).

- When I click an application launcher, the app should appear on the focused monitor where the mouse cursor is.

- The launcher sensitivity will allow me not to reveal it accidentally when crossing the mouse from monitor to another.

Imagine you have Four large wide screens staffed horizontally and you move the mouse to the fourth one to manipulate one application, then you want to open Gedit in the same monitor. Isn't it pissing to go back one mile again to the primary monitor just to pick the launcher and drag Gedit to the fourth screen back again? :(


Yet, in 12.10, why not adding an enhancement to this feature :
--> Allowing the user to Enable/DIsable revealing the Launcher in all monitors.
My Firefox 10.0.2 on Ubuntu 11.10 works fine too. I can't test Firefox 11.
+Jim Scholfield Thanks for the confirmation. Indeed Firefox 10 works just fine. I am using Firefox 11 on Ubuntu 12.04. So I wanted to confirm if it was an issue of the beta version of Firefox or something wrong in my system.
there wasnt the option i wanted in the poll, Give us the choice in the settings.
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