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Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 1

See what's new since Alpha 2 in the video below or read more at
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Happy with how 12.04 is turning out. Unity is even growing on me as it evolves.
I think unity still need more customization... but general look is much better then first realise. ( for now I stick with gnome 3.2 )
I have hated unity since the day it was born, but i have to say that almost all i hated about it is fixed now. I am looking forward to giving it a new and extended testdrive on 12.04 release
I have ubuntu installed.
I have on my desktop and my notebook xfce to gnome shell.
I do not like Unity (perhaps if puediera configuar the bar, I would use).

In addition, Unity consumes too much battery.

PD: I like +Szymon Waliczek
I'm dedicated to #Cinnamon , but am going to see if my GF will test this out on her laptop. Windows is too slow and ugly for her.
+John Gallacher, I run Mint, but am trying to covert my GF to Linux and think Ubuntu 12.04 might be the best option for her to start with.
Is it safe to upgrade to 12.04 now?
+葉磊 waiting for official realise will be safer... only few weeks to go ;) I have 12.04 on virtualbox just to see how its works but no for daily use.
Nav H.
Downgraded back to 11.04.
Ugh.... get a real Linux Distro....Ubuntu is Linux for newbs
Use what ever you want... I like Ubuntu because its based on Debian and I like the way debian/ubuntu works, clean and easy to remember commands etc. in the end of the day all linux distros are based on unix :-) and all linux distros are Open source. I other words: WINDOWS sucks :P
My pc's been running very poorly. I really should install ubuntu. Especially this one which looks sweet.
+Parth Parikh this are fanatic words. Even if OS X is closed source I think OSX and Ubuntu rockz but windows sucks.. OSX and Ubuntu gives the user a easy to use and fluid experience but windows is just a frickel system
+Mirzet Kadic OSX is awful because it relies on forced obsolescence and loads of $$$ to retain market presence. Try to find a good, cheap/free screencasting program for OSX. Go on - I dare you. Now, find the same for Ubuntu - you've got 5+ choices...all free.

+Adam Schemanoff Been using multiple distros for around 7 years now, and have landed and stuck with Ubuntu for the past 2+ years. Certainly not just for newbs. I want a system to works out of the box with my hardware, with minimal customization needed and wide support. Ubuntu does that perfectly. The community, development cycle, and "just works" basis of the flavor make it ideal for an every-day OS.
+John Gallacher You can add Mint repos to Ubuntu, too, and get Mint Menu, MGSE etc. There is not need to re-install if you are an Ubuntu or Mint user. You can have your cake and eat it too.

+Naveed H. If anybody wants to try Unity, do not start with 11.04. It is poor. It is okay in 11.10 and rocks in 12.04. It is faster. It is more customisable. It has more features. On 12.04 you can at last see where Ubuntu is headed, whereas with 11.04 you thought they were shooting themselves in the foot.

Comparisons to GNOME Shell do not work. You either like working full screen for everything or not. I do not, so am not a GS fan. I have a big monitor and I do not need to see huge icons and large text. I am a busy guy and my work habits reflect that. I have lots happening at once and do not need to be pressing extra keys to see them. I like to see a lot at once. Unity at least allows me to have multiple windows open on the same screen. It is the global menu that messes that up so I uninstall it.
I am a KDE user and will not likely switch, but I run Unity ever couple of weeks for a week at a time and it is growing on me. I really customise it though. I will not use the global menu.

I like Fedora, but since it is big on GNOME and I am not then I will run Kubuntu which has had its strings cut from Canonical (a good thing). If I was not so heavily invested (time and commitment) in Kubuntu then I might consider Fedora, but their KDE community is tiny in comparison.
Why does every conversation about any OS have a bunch of people that just want to spread hate about OS's. Linux, OS X, and Windows (including others, i.e. Unix, etc.) all have a place and a purpose. This post isn't titled "See why Ubuntu 12.04 will be superior to all other OS's". Ubuntu is continuing to make great improvements. We should all applaud and support it whether we choose to use it or not. OS's like this promote healthy competition and make developments that lead to new growth abroad. Lets stop soiling it with "Fanboy" and "Hater" remarks.

Good job Ubuntu Devs, keep up the good work!!! :D
+Alan Burnsworth It's not hate to compare/contrast the pros and cons of different OSes. It is when you say things like "mac sucks" without reasoning. It's exciting to see the new changes in the 12.04 beta because it shows that a sustainable, free OS is gaining real traction when it comes to the user experience.
+Jonathan Cruz That is precisely what I was talking about. "OSX is awful" and "WINDOWS sucks" are not required to compare/contrast the pros and cons of different OS's. I understand people have preferences and opinions but to resort to such vulgar, useless, and pointless comments is just ridiculous.
I've been using Linux since Corel. But Ubuntu is my daily OS. Love it.
With Windows 8 looking like a loser, I have been giving thought to moving over to a Linux based OS.
Unity finally pushed over the edge, and back to fedora. Sorry to say (I was sorry for it to happen, being a long-term user and Ubuntu enthusiast) but this is the sad truth. Unity is that bad. PLEASE just embrace gnome-shell.
This looks a bit more decent than Unity in 11.10. I only hope that number of blacklisted cards, memory footprint and CPU usage are reduced. Also multi-monitor display is a must. Without these, I won't even touch it.
MultiMonitor is most def. a Must for me, I can run windows in a VM slice even with the extra overhead, but I won't even bother if I can't use both screens.
I like Unity and Gnome-Shell so I've been switching back and fourth while using 12.04.
I am loving it, Cant wait to update my ubuntu!!!!!!!!
You won't regret it! I switched to Ubuntu in 2007 and lived happily ever after :)
With this brand new fancy ubuntu, I will convince more people to forget M$ and the Apple.
+David Lavoie I agree. Unity and GS both are the kind of interfaces that you either like or don't. There is not much room for grey. However, I think GS is more likely to cause push back from users. I think that Unity got so much initial resistance was due to poor communication on Ubuntu's part and that GNOME 2.x was so well likely when GNOME dropped it. People ignored the back story of GNOME (not Canonical) terminating GNOME 2.x and focused on Canonical's shift to Unity.

Canonical's big mistake IMO was to make the change to unity when they did. They should have done it earlier. People were blaming the loss of GNOME 2 on Ubuntu. If they could have had GNOME 2 and Unity for longer then it would have been smoother.

This all worked in GNOME's favour because it took the focus away from their own problems and I think that many prominent Ubuntu detractors had ulterior motives. There was bad blood between GNOME and Canonical for a long time. The main one seems to be to blame Ubuntu for everything so that people do not see problems elsewhere. Debian users did this for years. Now GNOME fans are in on it too.

I like Fedora but like GS less than Unity. It is a drastic move to leave Ubuntu with its large community, huge repositories and easy deb packaging and I commend you for it. It is a move that I have never been able to make. Good luck!

My opinion has always been to chill on Unity and GS and give them time to develop. My experience with the move from KDE 3 to 4 has helped. It takes time to make a transition and you may regret giving up too soon on something that rough in the early stages.
I like Ubuntu but refuse to use unity. So I installed xfce and everything is good. Alternatively you can install a full featured dock like AWN and disable unity. Beauty of Ubuntu is that you don't have to stick with default setup.
Don't feed trolls. Ubuntu is good for newbs or for more advanced users. I pretty much stick to Ubuntu, Crunchbang Debian, and Fedora these days, and I can do anything in those that I do in Ubuntu and vice versa. I haven't found a linux distro that is 'limited' to newbs, except in the mind of people who don't know linux well.
+R. Scott Kimsey Exactly. We are limited by our own minds. That is why I love Linux. It gives the most choice and reduces limitations. Just be happy with what you choose in the end and do not rain on anyone else's parade.
I'm actually so found of Linux and Ubuntu, that I made a home page where people can contact me and get Ubuntu installed and set up on their computers for free. Either removing their old OS, or installing it side by side. This is a service I'm in general offer for personal use and for schools. I'm located in Norway, so my main interest lays there. Therefore for now the whole site is in Norwegian. If you like, you can check out Anyway, spread the word!
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