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Back home and back to work. Will be updating the linked post with new lenses/lenses that support 12.04 later today.

How's everyone getting on with Ubuntu 12.04?
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It's working like a dream.
Grub borken on upgrade, had to fix it with LiveCD
I've encountered a few minor bugs, most of them connected to third-party apps, but nothing serious. Apart from that, it works like a charm - faster, more beautiful and generally more useful then Oneiric. Can't wait for Quantal though...
Better than I expected! Beta 1 didn' t work for me. The workspace switcher animations are sometimes a bit glitchy though. But it seems to be a very stable release!
+OMG! Ubuntu! Yea, but this happened for me for each release since 8.04 :-(, so too bad they haven't fixed this. Additionally, I had to kill couple of days to fix it (usb-boot problems), so I was without my main computer during that time.

Yes, it's good it's fixed though.
Anyone know of any way to install ubuntu on fakeraid0 with win7 as dualboot?
+Thomas Sørensen I did that, but it required some manual configuration after installation in /etc/fstab to get to work. The relevant lines in my fstab are:

/dev/mapper/isw_defgbbehcc_Volume0p4 / ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 1
/dev/mapper/isw_defgbbehcc_Volume0p3 none swap sw 0 0

I think I then reinstalled grub so it would re-detect my Windows partition and set up the menu entries correctly.
Great speed improvement, and now i have proper gray-scale colors on my samsung lcd. But. I have problems with NVIDIA drivers. The default after upgrade is the nouveau driver, and it is not 100%. Heavy CPU-usage when playing flash videos, sometimes slow window switching. Is it because of the lack of 3d acceleration?

The proprietary driver (295.40) crashes unity. :(
I am totally new to it and i love it. Its way better than what i anticipated but there is a serious lag between clicking an icon and it opening. I can live with it but i am not sure if i have a setting or two to change.
thrown out unity, gnome-shell and installed openbox. now it run as fast and smooth as an OS should.
I wish there was a pidgin contacts lense. I miss that functionality since Gnome-Do.
+andrew cool why would they do that? Seems to be a rumor going around that #canonical and #google are somehow in league together. The +Ubuntu +Android project has nothing to do with +Google the company, and Canonical is working on their own phone OS
Is the article above updated? I tried adding some of the lenses but they never showed up on the dash after reboot. I did a clean install of 12.04.
I did upgrade, but new Unity proved my thinking was right. Now it's horribly broken, not only from usability point of view. I have bad desktop rendering, misbehaving components and invisible windows. Luckily for me, I am no longer using Unity as a primary DE.
Just read about the Wikipedia lens. Is it really faster than using a browser window you have already open? My kids are too young to "get" beyond the launcher links of Unity, so I switched them th Xubuntu. Myself, I am holding back upgrading my netbook to 12.04 since the launcher won't dodge anymore (I hate auto-hide).
Ah, yes. If a program I need is not in the launcher, I search for it. Hardly using the "Lenses".
I like the Wikipedia lens. It is a pretty quick way to look things up. Unity has improved quite a bit since it first came along. It is still a bit more sluggish than Gnome 3 Shell (and of course my openbox install runs much, much faster) but on the whole it isn't bad. I'm glad to be able to hide the launcher, because it is ugly and annoys me to no end. Overall, it's not bad, though.
Ah, yes. 12.04 is not ready for my devices - Nvidia did not (yet?) update the drivers for old hardware. The netbook runs with Intel graphics, but I would like to keep "dodging" launcher bar.
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