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If you missed Mark Shuttleworth's keynote yesterday, and were left salivating from the bits we covered on +OMG! Ubuntu!, here's the whole thing in action for your eyes to feast on.

Excuse the bad prose, i haven't had my first coffee of the day yet
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Very nice speech. Mark fosters relationships with every sentence - with teams of developers, vendors, users, and all concerned, helping them feel their efforts are much appreciated.
It's so great to hear Mark talk the language of agile. The positive effects of agile methods is really evident in 12.04.
This is brilliant! +Ubuntu is the best platform ever! And +Canonical is doing a great job! I'm so proud to use it and develop together with it! Congratulations!
"These are some renders of the evolving look and feel of 12.10"
camera doesn't change to show slide GOOD JOB
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