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I've been having a cold crabby few days due to content scrapers, armchair critics, and frustration over my inability to keep up with things of late.

And then every once in a while I get an e-mail like this. 

I hope this person won't mind me sharing it, but his simple 'thank you'  really cheered me up and put things into perspective. 

So let me return the sentiment - Thank you :)
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Mark Twain once said that money just pays the bills, but a compliment....that was worth so much more. "I lived for years on one compliment alone!"

D'oh! I tried to reply by clicking "Click here to Reply or Forward" in your picture. More coffee needed.
I guess most of the people who appreciate what you do don't post comments. (Me included.) So, thanks.
Just like +Paul Lagle I recently switched from Windows to Linux, first Ubuntu then Xubuntu (both personally and professionally). Your (I don't wanna say "blog" but I'm struggling trying to find the right word) is the first thing I go to in my list of "linux/ubuntu sites". Thanks for all the hard work.
indeed, dont let these asshats get to you.
Content scrapers: We don't care, we will still visit OMG Ubuntu because it's not only great content, it's also nicely presented
Armchair critics: Everyone has an opinion, but not every opinion is valuable. You are definitely one of the better news sources for linux.
Keeping up: Maybe you should see if someone would be willing to help out.
+Jens Reuterberg article might be the word you're looking for. And I'm guilty of enjoying your work too without complimenting. Don't listen to the asshats. There's always a few in every crowd
Joey, I apologise for all those people out there who really appreciate what you are doing and follow your website religiously, without ever thanking you.
You will always get the shits who complain but remember that for everyone of them there are 100s more of us.
Rise above the arm-chair critics. Produce content the way YOU feel is best. If we like it, we read it. If we don't, we can look elsewhere. It is very apparent that may of us, novice and experienced, read and reference the work.
OMG! Ubuntu and Chrome are my top websites to visit in order to get the latest news of both OS, they look awesome and fresh, the content is always new and well detailed (for me at least) and that's why I follow them here, on Facebook, on Twitter.
I started in ubuntu because a friend told me about it and I was curious. I installed it, and I loved it, but I was eager to learn more about it, so I read several blogs (all of them in spanish), until I found out the source of a bunch of their content was coming from a UK blog.

I also stumbled with the blog several times when reading the ubuntu weekly newsletter, and eventually stopped reading the other blogs and I read most of my ubuntu/linux news on OMG.

You are doing a great job, keep at it! I hope I see the news about Ubuntu Zealous Zebra in OMG ubuntu in a few years :)
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