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Want to see Linux version of the desktop Google Drive app?

Trend it by using #DriveForLinux in your posts and comments :)

Edit: Don't just hit re-share - you need to also write the hashtag for Google+ to pick it up as a trend.
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#DriveForLinux as part of #GoogleDrive would be a very nice addition to the Google suite of services!
#DriveForLinux and no crappy client like Picasa for Linux was or Google Music Manger is but a real Linux client!
Please make a linux client ! #DriveForLinux
When google needs a server: Linux.
When google needs a platform for mobile Linux.
But when google launch its products: no Linux support. Really? #DriveForLinux
yeah! #DriveForLinux !
I think Google with gain even more followers if they make the effort to create a #driveforlinux . I love all Google's products but I don't want to be forced to use Windows as my OS
deeply saddened by Google's neglection of Linux users... #DriveForLinux
Google usually supports Linux with their products, it's just that their bigger projects tend to be released long after their Windows counterpart. #driveforlinux
But as Ubuntu user, why would we want to...? Ubuntu One cloud is good enough for me and already streamlined in my system...
Indeed. How else can i sever from microsoft? Give us a #DriveForLinux !
Because it is integrated with google docs.
Because even Ubuntu One gives Windows priority over the other distros of Linux.Very few of these services support Linux, so Google should set an example with #DriveForLinux and maybe it can encourage others to do so.
> Want to see Linux version of the desktop Google Drive app?
Get down to coding it :) they have released api specs after all...
#driveforlinux would be an amazing asset to me as a server admin.
I would really love #driveforlinux . lack of a #driveforlinux will be the only thing keeping me from switching from Dropbox.
Your android is #Linux
Your ChromeOS is #Linux
Your Servers are based on #Linux
You are here because of #Linux
So where is the #gdrive for #Linux ??

Does anyone have a link to the Windows version? I don't have a Windows machine to download from. :(
I think #DriveForLinux would be awesome
Don't just reshare the post... make your own new post with the hashtag #DriveForLinux
I am for #driveforlinux !!!
+Jason Harman I've not seen an official response... but known Google employees have stated there's quite a bit of a shake up about it. #DriveForLinux
i don't see the point in #DriveForLinux , because we already have some great alternatives, but if it makes people happy…^^
Common Google be good, be different, show character. Introduce Drive for Linux and our businesses will support it.
Rob Zen
#DriveForLinux as part of #GoogleDrive is a MUST!
Sorin H
#DriveForLinux would love to have it, specially the whole search the contents of my docs so I can find exactly what I need when I need it.
Just a FYI, hashtags in comments don't work/don't get used
from what I've read. Needs to be in the initial post.
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