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The under-the-hood achievements that ensure LTS to LTS upgrades go not only well but result in a finely tuned desktop shows that Ubuntu 12.04 really does deserve to be titled ‘Precise’.
Millions of Ubuntu 10.04 users will be prompted to upgrade their two-year old OS to that of the newly released Ubuntu 12.04 today – but just how well does such an upgrade go? In the two-short years be...
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I've never really had much success with upgrades, this time it froze on restoring previously installed programs. It's probably me, though. No matter, /home is on a separate partition, so a fresh install doesn't wipe all my stuff, just the programs.
I did a dist-upgrade to Beta 2 last week that went flawlessly...
I'm curious too about the nvidia v173.x driver (or 280.x series), the newest is a pain in a ash - buggy as hell - freezes my PC few times a day or restarts X at best..
I would not say 12.04 would be 'precise', step to right direction thou.
For me they have been going quite well.. i've been upgrading since 9.10 to 12.04 incrementally.

I did have some issues upgrading from 9.04 to 9.10, and before 9.04 i just bought a new computer thats why it was a clean install.
I am stuck 2nd time trying to fetch package 641 out of 2200, no options to bypass and no idea what it is or what to do..
+Tom Brander Check if you're connected behind a proxy. I had the same problem upgrading from 11.10 weeks ago.
If you can spot the name of the package that cannot be fectched, go to Launchpad, search it and download it (You'd find the debian there). Install it and you're good to go!
Upgrade on my Samsung 9 series laptop went flawless!
it has slowly progressed, I just did the 11.10 upgrade last week from same location, no problem but thanks for the suggestions,, I guess the servers are slammed..
had a similar problem as you +Tom Brander. Upgrade was running a bit slow on downloading so I decided to download the ISO and do clean install, which I think always works better than an upgrade anyway. That went a lot quicker and without a hitch, except now I regret it since I'm having to remember all my passwords to get everything working again.
My first upgrade...on a machine I could lose...rambled two and half hours and stuck at "Restoring files" so I kicked it. It's fresh install worked.

It was unnecessarily hard to install "openssh-server" from the gui. It acted as if it never heard of it!
Fei Fan
... how about my 11.04.
+Brian Fahrlander Are you talking about from the software centre? When you do an app search, a little link should show IP at the bottom that says show "technical" entries, or something like that. Should help.
11.10 works great on my net book. 12.04 doesn't support my ati video chipset.
I was thinking about that, between making a clean install or upgrading, with a laptop I'm using running 11.10 I have a permission problem so I was thinking of wiping it but my desktop also on 11.10 is running great so I don't know, maybe I should do both,
It appears that my upgrade is successful, took forever I guess due to slammed servers at the mother ship..
my 11.10 is running great....i will wait for one or two know more about 12.04 n will upgrade it..... :)
My upgrade was quite smooth. And not a single issue seen yet after almost 24 hours. I upgraded from 10.04.
Problem with my nvidia geforce 8300gs :( i have TO use unity 2D
Fresh install. I scrapped Ubuntu temporarily for Fedora, so there was nothing to upgrade from. However, another computer in my house runs 11.10, so I'll probably try upgrading it.
After the upgrade all I had was a wallpaper...there is a major bug with Nvidia driver...gosh how I hate Nvidia more and next laptop will not have Nvidia graphics card for sure...Nvidia equals problems!!! Frustrated and gutted!
messed up my T420. had to go through complete reinstall. to many broken packages... :(
The upgrade broke my grub menu, luckily I had a grub disc laying around and was able to boot into linux and re-install grub to my MBR.
Changed my Lenovo T61 to same model with Intel graphics card and everything works as they shoud :D:D SO easy to detect external display etc., no more Nvidia hassle ever again!
Taneli... & no more 3D accelerated graphics
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