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We're very close to launching a beta of the new +OMG! Ubuntu! Android app on the +Google Play Store.

Our dev supremo +Sam Tran has added the widget. Next stop, tweaking the interface for 7" and tablet screens...

Edit: Crikey - what a negative reaction to our creating an Android app!

Just to reiterate: this app is optional; it's not compulsory. We also publish on Google Currents, Flipboard, have a RSS feed that can be added to any RSS reader app of your choice, a mobile-optimised website, etc. Call us Linux users; we're just all about the options for our readers.
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I agree with +Ryan Hayle . I simply wouldn't download this app, I already have OMG Ubuntu RSS in my Google Currents, just like all my other sites I'm "subscribed" to. Why should I have a dedicated news app for a single site?

Seems like wasted effort. Just promote using Currents or Flipboard.
+David Llop In the end, Flipboard is an RSS reader...just prettified a bit. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to, although I'll be honest to say I'm using Currents.
+Joshua Strobl Sorry for bad english, Google Currents now works well? When I have installed it was so slowly and bugged... I hope now it works fine and has a spanish editors. I go to test it.
+David Llop Ah thats a good question, I honestly wouldn't know about how well it works in Spain, despite the fact that I currently reside in southern Spain. I brought my Android from the States, had everything set up prior and just sync nowadays via wifi.

I use it daily and have no issues with it. Its fast even on my crappy Android 2.2.1 phone.
Comment integration made the old app somewhat more desirable than the raw RSS feed. 
+Ryan Hayle +Joshua Strobl Oh yeah, sure. But, just as many other sites have both RSS feeds and mobile apps, so do we. Why? Because there's demand for them.

So whilst you folks won't find this app useful many others will. The fact that the old OMG! Android application had 35,000 users says that there is demand for it. Those who want to use an RSS reader app remain free to do so.

But some, who aren't interested in reading OMG! alongside 50 others, can use our Android app to read, interact, comment and enjoy - online or offline.

For everyone else there's plenty of other ways to read us: we publish to currents, we can be added to any RSS reading app, we're about to launch on Flipboard, and our site itself is mobile friendly.

We're all about options - just like the platform we write about :)
+Ryan Hayle That's not a debate for us, but for the wider developer community. Afaik, there is so way to append Disqus comments to an RSS feed in a 3rd party app.

For us, this is how we can do it, and do it well so that it fits in with our sites design, ethos, and community. 
+Joshua Strobl Maybe this app is usefull to comment and see this, I don't know. It's true that Currents now has feeds in spanish, thanks, I prefer it in front of Flipboard, but Flipboard was better  in spanish a few months ago.
I do hope for the best of your app +OMG! Ubuntu!, but I personally will be sticking to using the "Google Reader" app as that is what I use to read news sites.
Looking forward to trying this soooon. :)

Also I think it'd be pretty cool to see this evolve into an app with feeds from all the Ohso sites.
nice, if it's good i may use it instead of google currents
Another way to read your articles, great! I'll try it but your site is so nice on every screen size so a browser is most likely enough for me.
Looking forward to this app. The current release is unfitting of both my phone and tablet and this is a much needed update for 4.0/4.1 users. Keep up the good work!
I catch everything you do on +Google+ Will give the app a go when ready..
I don't understand people hating. It's not like it'll come preinstalled on your phone without the ability to uninstall it. Don't like it/need it? Don't fucking get it. 
As long as it's a pretty app I will install it! Browsing through currents is just kind of boring. Switching between apps brings up new environments, keeps things fresh for me.
Contrary to popular belief, I think this app would be useful. I've always found RSS readers bland and annoying to set up, and currents is just too big a file to install, an OMG Ubuntu app would be great.
Sweet!  I've been really missing the old app since it went belly up. :)
+OMG! Ubuntu! Never mind the naysayers, I'm sure the app will be amazing! Can't wait to download it!
I'm just happy it has the Android 4.0 UI instead of it's own custom one. WeatherBug Elite, I'm looking at you.
Thank you a lot! I missed the old app very much, since i dont like RSS readers and such but loved to check whats new on OMG every day in the tram on the way to work and back. Cant wait to test it.
Interesting, +OMG! Ubuntu! Announces a great app and it received poorly, the verge released their app (the first version was pure crap) and everyone loved it. -_-

I would love an OMG app. Especially if it's tightly integrated. 
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