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Okay, so technically it hasn't been released yet - but here's a video detailing the Top 10 Features of Ubuntu 12.04 that will be in our release article a bit later.

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I've updated from 11.10 and I don't have Privacy Settings :(
Will it run Photoshop yet?
+Jim Barter Probably with Wine. on the other hand, why use photoshop, when theres Gimp?
So when will we get the Ubuntu upgrade notification? I love this new version.
+Jim Barter I run Photoshop CS5 in Ubuntu 11.10 very well, it installed using my official disc very well. ?I think pirate versions need a bit of hacking to work but... you're not pirating it are you?
The video qualiti of your video sucks! Is edited in Ubuntu? If so, OMG Ubuntu (the operating system) sucks :)
+Adrian Gudus Try clicking the cog and choosing 720p.

Typically our videos are 1080p, and go through multi-passes for better quality. This one went through a single pass because a) time is tight, and b) my upload speed isn't fantastic
what a totally unprofessional video
Bad sound Bad unreadable pictures
Bad presentation
will MacBook 2,0 finally shutdown successfully? i'm curious to test it after an update/upgrade....
ubuntu new release coming today :)
I downloaded 3 12.04 ISO's last night and it took 6 hours. I get to do the whole thing over?
what about Gnome Shell for those who don't use Unity?
May look nice on a smartphone ... for my laptop ... no way
But does it just work? I don't have time to fiddle around with an OS trying to figure out how to do a simple task for several hours, which seems to be the linux mantra. Everyone does not have the time or motivation to learn how OSes really work, which is why windows and OSX are popular.

I tried Ubuntu from version 8 though 10. It did not just work.
does it have the close, minimize and maximize buttons on the top left corner? that irritates me
+Trevor Radtke There is Mint Linux for MS Windows & OSX comers!
+sam manthalu You can change it to right if you want using a Tweaking tool like: Precise Tweak or even in COmpiz Settings.
+Trevor Radtke simple task like what, for example? :) Maybe you tried to include it into Windows Active Directory? Or install Adobe Photoshop for OSX onto it? :)
Cool, good to read about it
Maybe just install Ubuntu on a server machine and be happy Drop it for something else on the desktop. I looove Linux, but nowadays just use my shell on a Mac (can do fast shell tasks locally) or putty (to reach my ubuntu) on my Windows machine.
I still occasionally boot into my Linux Desktop, or play with some using VirtualBox.
As long as people ask for certain buttons, visuals and new styles of the new distro GUI, Linux, resp. the distro, is not ready for the Desktop.
Once we have all the apps running in the cloud, I am free to switch to anything I like and that runs a browser.

Just my two cents - ignoring the OS war since a long time and I am happy to use just what fits best.
I am happy on 11.04 - and will never upgrade - Unity for me is a deal breaker - they ripped out Gnome and I love Gnome so I am staying where i am thanks.

I tried to upgrade and my whole machine was useless and had to roll back.
Ubuntu is amazing! I will still be a OS X user until Adobe finally embraces Linux for the Creative Suite.
Ubuntu 10 was a downgrade on Ubuntu 9. Ubuntu 11 was a downgrade on Ubuntu 10. I'm looking elsewhere...
I've been running Linux mint since the switch to unity, but I am definitely going to give 12.04 a fair try when it comes out. Maybe vanilla gnome 3 well work if I still don't like unity. Love Ubuntu people, just can't mesh with unity. Keep up the good work guys!
+David Sainty I expect like me you are a big Gnome user - I liked Gnome until they killed it in 11.10. I heard that Mint is good.. any other distros that have traditional gnome interfaces?
+David Sainty i m using mint Lisa i m facing prob that brightness is not controlled
looks sexy! i just wish we could do netflix and then i can use this as my main OS for non gaming PCs!
You guys are working too hard to make Ubuntu appeal to Windows and Mac users who like flashy things. The new features are really neat, but some of us prefer just the traditional, no-nonsense Linux-feel. It'd be awesome if you guys could make an option to return to the classic look and feel. Meanwhile, I'll stick with 10.04 LTS.
I really like Ubuntu (I've used it for years)... but Unity sucks :( Hopefully they have made some nice improvements since 11.10, and I'll upgrade to 12.04 for sure... Right now I'm using Gnome3 on 11.10 which sucks less... I just don't get the "lets make our desktop work like a phone" metaphor that OSes are gravitating towards :(
somehow i am not getting 12.04 lts upgrade through update-manager.anyone from India upgrading?
@Debadarshy Dash
yes. Run update-manager -d

and click on upgrade
there is always brightness issue in Linux os
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Sooo Coool BRAH
Thanks for the vid. Ill be updating either today or tomorrow. Cant wait
This looks cool. I didn't like unity and end up installing gnome in the last version. If unity works as well as in the video I might stick with it this time
I have put Ubuntu 12.04 on an older Fujitsu tablet pc. It runs pretty well (I still don't like Unity), but they definitely cut the fat in drivers. The older intel chipset graphics aren't properly supported so my Lifebook is almost useless as a tablet due to orientation fail.

If this is going to pickup as an installation on the modern slates it's going to have to come with automatic reorientation of the touch sensitivity (stylus or finger).

Again it ran much better all around, but Unity still has a "doesn't feel right" to it that makes me want to uninstall and locate an old Win XP Tablet CD to put back onto the lifebook for full support of the system's hardware :\
Zak Oz
I use PCLinuxOS/Mint and all you other people can keep your Command Line OS, Apple Taxes, and Old Fogey Windoze.
Yeah, the new ubuntu to try!!! been avoiding to check the calendar in order not to have to count the days untill...
Cant wait, my next pc will be ubuntu, I've been using it on my servers for years and now the desktop has reached an awesome state too. Suck it windows!
Did developer of Ubuntu solve the problem of fan and heating ( caused by Kernel ) ?
I doubt thats a problem, lol unless your hardware is crapped out.
any idea were I can get the wallpaper (gaint wheel), in best possible solution? Thx
now ubuntu come out with these cool stuff but i just intalled linux mint...i think i gonna stick to mint for a while.
+Lars Ivarsson why use photoshop instead of gimp, because gimp sucks sweaty donkey nuts.
hahaha wowza interesting use of words. i luved how u put it tho.
Pls sum1 should give ♍Ƹ̴ a hint..
Qu Tang
deserved to have a try, but not that revolutionary...
If I could only play my games :( Dual OS boot PC is so lame so I'll stay with M$ OS :(
Phil H
I was always partial to openSuSE when dealing with an open source OS
Maybe Unity doesn't suck balls as much after all...
The cure for Unity is the cinnamon desktop from mint. I'm running it on 11.10, we'll see how it works with 12.04.
Couldn't stand unity so reverted back to 10.10, maybe will give Mint a try...
+Michael Cole I agree,. Unity was terrible and still is - its like its made for a bloody 2 year old !
+Richard Frost It's like they're intentionally dumbing it down to attract a larger audience (Winblows crowd).
You can always reload UBUNTU with Gnome. It's dumbed down for the ones that can't switch off Unity.
Used to love Ubuntu and not sure when I started to look elsewhere but it started about a year ago ...
+Michael Cole While I agree with the intentional dumbing down judging from the interface choices its aiming at the Mac users. No matter who its aimed at the change was a bad idea because no audience wants more of the same so removing the customization and uniqueness of it will hurt them in the long run.
+Michael Cole Isn't that the whole reason why Ubuntu is popular in the first place? It's ease of use. I thought it was common knowledge for hardcore linux fans to look else where. I don't see them not "dumbing it down" any time soon. Arch Linux would be a good place to start.
shut up and take my mo... open source, woot!
I do not mind unity since it Ubuntu is aimed at being as simple as possible though I wonder why people complain about it so much when you can just install another interface. You can put in GNOME 3, KDE, MATE, and etc with simple commands via terminal. As always you can just uninstall all desktop environments and live with the terminal.
Tried it, and runs like crap on my laptop. It runs Windows 7 just fine. I can't imagine Linux taking over on the desktop. I mean it's great on other platforms.
good job, the translucent dark theme is really looking very streamline now
+Derrick Johnson - There is a difference between ease of use and dumbing things down then locking them so you can't make any reasonable modifications. That's the problem with Unity. It's like ubuntu has built beautiful square chair and has told everyone that to enjoy it they have to have a square ass. Add to that that Ubuntu's idea of design with unity in may ways apes OSX a bit too closely, but comes up short or repeats some of he same UI mistakes. That IMHO is where mint has done things correctly by rejecting Unity and Gnome 3 shell and developing Cinnamon. That DE retains the ease of use and great notification integration, but also gives users the flexibility to modify the UI experience to their liking and to better serve their needs. It does all that while retaining a unique Mint look and feel. The fact that almost not other Distro has adopted Unity, while most major gnome distros either have or are in the process of adopting Cinammon, speaks volumes to what customers want.
still waiting google to take over ubuntu .. hope one day it will be the android version of pc
Almost done installing on an old HP nc4400
I use windows but i respect ubuntu
Nav H.
horrible. downgraded back to 11.04.
+Abdo Nabil waiting for google to put a little more effort in giving us a real alternative... - LibreOffice-GDocs-Connector, Picasa (has sadly been shutdown for good last week :-(, ....
What's with the this old house background music?
i am a nine year old kid
Who said something about Adobe Creative SUite embracing Linux? Dude, you will never use Linux if you wait for Adobe to port their suite to Linux.
Blender, Gimp, Inkscape...etc That is a great suite! No need for Adobe Expensive crap!
Whats the trick in the .04 version number? Can't they use integers rather than decimals ?

Seriously? Search, cache, and wallpaper? Those are BIG features?
love this equipment dog
wow. That is gorgeous. Sadly I wouldn't be able to use Final Cut nor Photoshop on there. Gorgeous all the same.
Just upgraded and so good!
+Hanynowsky Sennin I downloaded and booted off a Linuxmint12 ISO the other day, encouraged by its reputation for ease of transition, but the wireless drivers didn't work (yet I have a very conventional Dell laptop).
+Adam Burtt Where is my former comment? lol! Anyway!
Not all hardware is recognized out of the box when you install a Linux Distro. sometimes, there are tweaking to achieve to make it work. Sometimes you gotta install proprietary drivers because their Open source equivalents are not yet very functional or just don't support your hardware model yet!
I have a Dell too and 99% of things work just fine. Yet I had to achieve some minor manual adjustments.

For your Dell Laptop, asking a question in by specifying your laptop and wireless model, you can get fast help.

You should also know that sometimes some specific hardware can't be enabled by only using the ISO CD or ISO USB STick. A full OS installation and update are required.
The earlier comment about "dumbing down Ubuntu for Windows Users" is crap. Its nothing like that. Its dumbing Ubuntu to look more like the Mac. And it has the worst parts of the Mac UI too.. these guys just dont understand UI design. Its utter crap and I am not surprised that Linux will never reach the desktop masses - even if they had Microsoft Office and the popular MS apps ported.

I run Ubuntu at home yet I tolerate it.. I am not that much of a fan of Windows either. Apple I cant stand as I hate the marketing approach and closed ecosphere..

Its sad there really is no good OS these days.

I like the concept of the Chrome book from Google and I am watching that evolve and that has the most promise. Your turn it on, its simple - fully cloud sync'd and it works.

In the years to come more software will migrate to the cloud and the OS will be relegated to something hidden under the browser. Its simply a distraction from getting work done in my view..
kyle lu
Unity sucks, the new software center since 10.10 sucks
I will be updating my old laptop this time instead of dual booting to the newest version when this comes live- though they dropped the ball on the last couple releases - my opinion- tired of unstable releases taking out my entire pc but still have love hopping its more stable.
Hello Awaien:

I just saw your video on the new version of Ubuntu.

Bruce Martin:

I am a Fedora (32 and 64 bit) user in the greater Montreal, Quebec, Canada area and an electronic tech with about 50 years of background in technology from the day I first got into it as a teenager).

I also have electrical qualifications, having worked in industrial process control and power handling electronics for many years.

Thus I am an extremely "out of the box" techno-creative type, so my needs for computers are somewhat different and demanding than some. I work in English, French and some Spanish. (In Montreal you can expect some 80 languages in a day in the streets, and it's a lot of fun.)

Mouse/Trackball issue:

However, one of the problems I have, especially working with LibreOffice draw is that Fedora does not seem capable of slowing down the mouse (trackball) speed to the same degree as Windows XP. This needs to be added to Orca or the like (to support universality, and handicapped users.) I have a small motor physical coordination difficulty that is neurological in origin and incurable, and at asge 67 is not getting better.

Logitech, who makes so much of this kind of hardware, apparently has no interest in improving that capability in their products.

Another option would be the CH Rollermouse, but that is a $200.00 USD item that has to be ordered in with all usual complications.

Eventually I would like to build my own idea of a pointing device that is near to user repairable at the component level, but that also depends on parts that are difficult to get, and a lot of time and money.

In the interim, I wonder if Ubuntu has this capability to control the mouse to that degree from a GUI front end. I don't want to encourage apps that are command line only until they have a GUI front end as too many others here simply will not accept the need to work with a terminal window.

Access to hardware:

Retail stores and manufacturers have little or no interest in supporting Linux because they can't make money on it.

While much hardware that doesn't profess to support LInux may well be independently supported, that has its caveats, and it can happen that a peripheral that works in Linux the day it is purchased can suddenly become non-Linux friendly due to firmware upgrades, etc.

Hence it would be nice if there were a hardware vendor in Canada, or at least supporting the Canadian monetary system and Interac for online payment and whose market focus was to sell to and support Linux users' hardware needs.

Do you have any idea of an existing merchant that would have this interest?

Best Regards,

Bruce Martin
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