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Dash with thin border. The Unity Dash sports a thick grey border by default – a distinctive frame that helps highlight the Dash from that underneath. But not everyone is a fan. If you're one of th...
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Классно, но попроще бы установку...
I really hate the thick stock border! In fact it's so irritating, that I switched to using gnome-shell instead, because of it.
+Stoycho Ganev, I know what you mean, but gnome shell, really? I wouldn't go for it. Not noly did I switch the graphic environment, but also the distro because of boot problems with Pangolin - I switched to Kubutu - pleased so far.
KDE is one hell of a good desktop environment, but as far as I've read across the Internet, Kubuntu is not among the best examples of good KDE integration, which, sadly, holds true about all Debian derivatives. Come to think about SuSE or Mandriva...
As for Gnome-shell, they're going to need a couple of years more to catch up with the old Gnome 2 functionality... if they move in the right direction. :)
I'm still using Debian Squeeze with Gnome 2 as my main distro, till things get more polished with the new desktop shells. :)
Yeah, I know that Kubuntu is not the best, but the time I actually tried KDE was a really long time ago, that's why decided to try something more familiar (used to go with Ubuntu). Now I'm considering going for Arch Linux for my second option in dualbooting with windows, but unofortunatly I'm not as familiar with the terminal, as I wish I were.
Kubuntu might not be the best KDE distro out there but I still haven't found anything better. I need something Ubuntu based in case I run into problems. Plus I need more or less the same version on my desktop as on my MythBuntu TV server...
thin is the way to go! now just let the filters on app lens always show and give it better navigation and I'll be in heaven.
Interesting, but I like original one!
+Peter Slavchev There are tons of good beginner and intermediate Bash scripting howtos out there; it's always worth learning to use the shell, and it does pay back. Of course, you can never learn everything, nor will you need to use all the capabilities that the standard Linux shells offer, but once you get to feel comfortable using the shell, you'll find it often provides the fastest and easiest way to accomplish most tasks in Linux. This holds equally true for just about any Linux distribution out there, be it Ubuntu, Arch, Debian or Slackware. The more confident you get with it, the more you'll get to use it. :)
I have problem with dash on ubuntu 12.04, when I click it, there is no any kind of applications there or anything. It is totally empty. Anyone knows what is the problem?
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