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Computing company System76 have begun shipping laptops pre-loaded with Ubuntu 12.04. The ‘Precise’ release is provided out-of-the-box on two models – the 14.1″ ...
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It's a year and a half old now, but my System76 Pangolin Performance 7 still rocks.
really nice. But $152.34 for shipping is way out of line.
Way too bad that they dont sell outside north america...
I'm not sure where $152.34 is coming from for shipping... I am seeing $35.41
Although I love the direction of Sys76, now thinking about it... I bought my laptop with only slighty worse specs and it cost half the price. I think it's a bit expensive, though with better build quality.
+Kivell Orr its all an economy of scale. The big companies can buy in much larger volumes than Sys76 and thus get the price down considerably.
If Amazon buys 100000pcs it would be much cheeper :D
I never understood why system76 or zareason do not sell more peripherals. Particularly things where driver support is no obvious. Like wifi cards. Then when linux haters complain about driver support. Someone could say "well, did you buy compatible hardware? System76 stuff ALWAYS works"
Still waiting for the 1080p laptops... :( 1980*1080 is a minimum for 15"!
its costly if you are an asian....shipping cost will be high....
its better to buy laptop from other companies in your country who offer linux distros with it....i bought from acer & i got some linux os pre installed with it....i formated it & now using ubuntu 12.04....
1366*768 on a 15" is that a joke? that's what my 12" has! and it's two years old!
+Alvar Berglind you have a point since a 3.5 inch screen can push 960x640 a 12 inch should be capable of a theoretical 3264x2176 if that said device was a wide screen iphone 4s with a 12 inch screen lol so yes recent devices should be easily capable of pushing majorly high resolution but the question is "wtf tech companies why isnt my tiny 12 inch laptop 1080p already?" (not netbooks they are dead)
sadly thats still the de facto standard for 15" :(
right now it seems the highest resolution for 15" is 1680×1050 on a 2010 MacBook Pro 15″ model with optional high-resolution
that year is what i found listed is all might also be other years with same res or better
+Steffan ogas you need to check again, the macbooks resolution are very out of date, one of the reasons I haven't bought one.
+Alvar Berglind is that why you bought the counter terrorist outfit instead? you will get more use out of it anyway.
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