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If you like your music web-based chances are you use +Nuvola Player.

Well, here are five neat features you can look forward to using in its next  release... 
It integrates web-based music players with the Ubuntu desktop and in its next release Nuvola music player is set to get even better. From new extensions and music services, to nifty features that make...
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hmm  "It integrates web-based music players with the Ubuntu desktop and in its next release Nuvola music player is set to get even better." so.. using a web based player to play music i have om my hard drive?  u think im an idiot?
Yes, Magnus. To save space on our hard drives most of us upload our music to Google, Groove shark etc and stream it on our computers, mobile etc.
ok, intresting, always when i face something that looks a bit odd i use "follow the money", you have ubuntu.. i can install that on a 16 GB usb stick.. and HD's today will be in the range  from 320 GB to 1 TB. Ok  so who will make the profit on this.. well i can say directly.. not you.. i thought we where in the middle of an economic  crisis? and you want to transport music from the web to your ears , not once but twice.. upload to download.. clever.. and by making your music availible on the internet on grooveshark.. others can listen to it for free..   well isnt that what acta and sopa tried to prevent in the first place?   but lets go back to the music part..  You pay the phone company to transport music to you from the net, music that you have bought, and have a copy of  since you bought it in the first place. ok, The internet connection plans can look a bit different but generally you have to pay per MB in one way or the other.. some plans are without limit.. but they are usually expensive.. most ppl want to limit their cost.   what do we know now.. 1. you have a sh-tload of money since you have a unlimited volume internet plan. 2. you have downloaded to much movies from torrents and want to save space on your hard drive and do that by sending your music to grooveshark.. ok if i make a music compilation and put it on a 2 GB usb stick it will contain abt 270 mp3 @ 128 kbps, lets say a cd is 12 songs in general , that make 2 GB ~ 22 CD, normally a cd collection could be close to.. lets say 150 CD, so that equals roughly 13 GB of hard disk space  and i said b4 that i could fit ubuntu on a 16 GB stick, but lets be generous.. lets make installation a 25 GB one..  so 320 - 25 - 13  = 282 GB of space to play with on the average computer..  and that will be abt 70 movies @ 4GB each  ok since you r not making any profit at all here someone else must.. lets see..  phone company, and all advertisers on internet, and all providers of "must have" internet services. and thats why they want to remodel ubuntu to become a money cow.  close enough?
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