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you guys might want to take another look at Clementine, which just released version 1.1.1 two days ago. it's come quite a long way, and they've added a lot of new features since the last time it was featured on OMGUbuntu. it's got a cover art browser already baked in, and they just added GoogleDrive support (which works great: just type in your Google account name and it automagically shows all the music files in your GDrive.)

Clementine is lightyears better than Banshee, and i can't remember the last time i opened up Rhythmbox. aside from a couple very minor issues, it seems to do pretty much everything anyone could want in a music player and it wouldn't surprise me to see it replace Rhythmbox in future versions of Ubuntu. the fact that it seems to have a rather large and very active developer base certainly isn't hurting, either!
I left Rhythmobx in favor of Clementine and I'm more than happy...
Banshee does this already.. and gets song info no prob  rhytmbox 
seems still not be at full working capacity.. still does a decent job thoo f.x when synching mobile devices
İ like rhythmbox. Use it for years with zero complain. Great plug-in by the way, this is good news for me.
I'm a Banshee fan, it does this and just feels a little nicer
Deadbeef, cos it can play music! And its frekking lightweight. Its name "speaks to me" as well, both as a metalhead and a programmer. 
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