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Have you, or someone you know, bought a System76 laptop?

Did it arrive in one piece? Were there any technical issues? Did these get resolved quickly? 

Let us know in the comments here, via joey[at]ohso[dot]co, or via the 'Tip form' on OMG! Ubuntu!
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I’d like to know as well, also, how long did it take to come from the US. Their laptops look amazing.
I have a Pangolin (Panp7), which I've had for some time now. I live in the US so I can't speak for international shipping. It did arrive in one peice and with zero technical problems! I've taken it through at least two full Ubuntu versions since then. It has been an amazing laptop for me!
I've got a System76 Lemur (can't remember which model - I'll check when I get home) and it arrived in the UK fine (before they'd even emailed me to say it had dispatched!) - just need to take note of the fact that you'll have to pay import duty when it arrives (the delivery driver sorted that when he delivered it).

Aside from that, I don't think I've had any technical issues with it.
Bought the new lemur in March. Arrived well packaged and ready to go. Had an issue with the space bar (likely my fault) and their customer service quickly sent me a new keyboard. They have awesome customer service. It's been a terrific work machine.

I'd love to see a 12 or 13 inch ultrabook next.
Anyone knows if they also ship to The Netherlands? I really like the laptop. Price /quality seems just right, only concern is the shipping costs.. that might be pretty high.
Would have got one for sure if only it was available here in India. International shipping on something like a laptop seems too risky.
I'm getting one (probably next month) and the positive feedback all round is heartening.
I recently received my gazp7 two weeks ago. Nicely packages with styrofoam bits and case. Any issues I've had we're resolved at ubuntuforums. It's a great purchase so far!
Totally going to college with a Gazelle, should just 2Yrs of Tech support be enough?
I said the same thing about my Gazelle, Nicholas! I chose to stick with the one year of support, almost any issue with Ubuntu can be solved on ubuntuforums and askubuntu. And, well cost too.
I received a gazelle professional about a month ago. It was in one piece, no issues with shipping. I did have to switch kernels to avoid a very annoying freeze up, and it still hangs on waking up from sleep every so often. Also, if you get the high powered options (faster processor), expect this thing to put some heat out.
I bought the Pangolin Performance in April of this year and made sure it was decked out. This is by far the best laptop I have ever owned. There was one issue that was reported before I received my laptop but System76 made sure to email me to inform me of the issue and how to resolve it. Since then I have had zero issues. Can't wait for Ubuntu 12.10.
+David Joseph Held Thanks! That's what I was looking for!

And shipping costs are pretty high.. $109.33 for Netherlands. Think that is about the same for the rest of Europe too.
Was going to order one for my new job.  Delivery to Australia was >8weeks :-(  too long for me to wait.  Couldn't find the equivalent specs/$ anywhere else.
I have an older model of the Lemur, when it was Lemur UltraThin. A 13" thin, light laptop and it's great. Very happy with it and how few issues I've had with it.
I have two system76 systems a pangolin (panp6?) and a nettop (intel video) both from a few years ago.  the problem i have with both is the fans never seem to turn off (even when idle) and the build quality is pretty bad on both. On the pangolin the cd door has fallen off several times and the tray gets jammed 1/2 way out and often it takes a minute or two to work the tray back in. the nettop's cd tray doesn't click close quite right it kind of stops right when it's almost closed and you have to kind of jiggle and push it close but sometimes it almost feels like you might break it.  the pangolin's touchpad is really poor compared to my thinkpad x220 which isn't very good compared to my macbook air. The battery on the pangolin has never gotten more than 2 hours so basically it's a plugged in desktop at all times and with it's size/weight compared to a 15 macbook pro that i use to have you wouldn't want to carry it anyways. Sadly of my 3 laptops it has the best resolution and since using a cd is rare these days and a plugged in mouse is always attached it does get plenty of use but only when I'm home.
I don't have one yet but you could ship me one and I'll video the unboxing and do a technical video on the build and setup of the unit. ;-)
I bought a Lemur 2 almost 2 years ago & have had no problems with it what so ever. I botched the 12.04 update & +System76 fixed it for me free of charge. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking for an +Ubuntu laptop.
Me, as I'm sure already knows by now xD
i kind of want one, but then I'm using fedora and arch now
+Alan Morgan Who stops you from using those on that laptop? You can easily re install it with any other OS you like. 
I'm thinking of getting the Lemur, so I'm so interested in the reviews. Thank you to the people who posted something already!
I have a Pangolin Performance I just bought a couple of months ago. I'm very happy with it, no issues at all. The trackpad is taking some getting used to (offset from center), but I'd buy it again.
I have a Serval Professional, with solid state drive. It arrived on time. Almost everything worked fine, except for the fingerprint reader. I think there is no support on Linux. The packaging is rather basic. A simple carton box without inscriptions. The power supply is very big and heavy. 
I love the idea, but am partial to the thin/light set without an optical drive, and perhaps a bit sleeker. When my next laptop purchase rolls around, I'll definitely be swinging by their site to see what they've got.
I have an early Lemur that I got from Sys76, and it was a great experience. Arrived in one piece. Later on, had some screen issues, and the customer service people were super smart and super helpful.
I recently purchased a Gazelle Performance laptop from +System76  It showed up at my door in less time than their estimated build time, and yes, in one piece.  This is a really great system.

The trackpad even works really well, something OEMs seem to have a real problem making work.  The screen is beautiful, I really like the keyboard, and the system is very fast.
Well, the Gazelle Professional just came out in June, so it's hard to say.
I got a Pangolin Performance (panp7) about 1.5 years ago.  It arrived in one piece.  I still use it every day as my main machine.  I plan to buy the newer pangolin if/when this one ever gets old and/or slow.
I got a lemur ultrathin about 2 years ago. It has a nasty habit of overheating and then shutting itself off, and I wouldn't recommend it to others looking for a thin laptop. However, my model was discontinued so newer models may be better.
+Alex Engelmann I think I reviewed that model. Can't say I noticed any overheating though (but then it was a review unit I had for about a week, so hard to tell)
I got a lemur ultra a few weeks ago. I love having everything work out of the box on linux for once, including the small things like hotkeys... and the screen is very nice.. and specced with 16GB ram and 480GB SSD I was surprised it was still relatively affordable.

I was looking at some even lighter ultrabook models from some more mainstream brands, but in the end to save a couple hundred grams there were too many sacrifices to be made... like no ethernet port, no hdmi, too little ram, too little storage, etc.
I very recently bought a panp9. The spacebar is a lot less effective in its lower half, leading to a bad typing experience.
This guy [0] had the same problem in 2010 and here's an entry in launchpad [1] dated in the same year.
The customer care asked him to press the spacebar in the center [0] but they finally replaced his keyboard.
This week I've addressed the very same issue to the customer care and they've asked me to press the spacebar in the center..
Now.. it looks like they're aware of the issue (since 2 years ago, at least) and they're trying to fool customers into thinking its not a big deal.
Moreover I'm in Italy and they said that I'll be charged ~ $48 for the international shipping of the new keyboard and that I have to ship my faulty keyboard to them (another $48?).
And I'm not considering customs bills..
Since it's not even a month that I've received the notebook, I'd expect to replace the keyboard without paying anything.

I am thinking of Buy a new laptop . I am confused b/w system76 and mcbook pro so Which one is bettwr option
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