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Yes! Choice is why I've always chosen Ubuntu.
I like both, they are amazing on their own way...
Good idea to allowing Unity features access from gnome Classic!
Exists people that love unity. Unity isn't perfect, anyway I think is a very good merge of a modern touch screen and a modern-mouse screen. I like unity.
unfortunately it just "looks like" a usable desktop ... you do get the actual menus with named items on them (not everything a la carte) but that's it, nothing else works can't add widgets on top bar by right clicking etc ... still I've been sticking with unity for a while now ... after its repeated blows to the head you forget what you lost and it almost seems usable ... then you meet a 10.4 system and wow, now I remember ! ... actually I'd be happier with just X and a simple widget set ... at least then I had right click menus.
I like Ubuntu only on my netbook. I prefer Mint with Cinnamon for a normal desktop.
Minimize/Restore/Close buttons are still on the wrong side though...
+Jovan Knežević That's actually not too difficult to fix, you just change the theme for that specific design element
Brilliant! Ubuntu took a blow from Unity haters by not offering that much choice out of the box, but now Ubuntu has more choice than ever, and the power of choice is what makes Ubuntu what it is
I'm not sure if it is the "small minority" that prefer gnome to unity. So much emphasis that makes me wonder where did the data came from.
Great news. I don't hate Unity but do like Gnome 2. Choice is always good
thanks God (and devs) it is not the only UI for Linux and optional according to personal tastes. Gnome 2 looked and felt so limited each time I tried to use it, not to mention not the most pleasant UI for the eyes. Cinamon on the other hand feels better. But KDE still beats all desktop envos I tried. though I am really happy for those who like Gnome 2 and will be finally able to use their favorite UI, congrats!
This news makes me happy. I can upgrade from lucid and stay on "old gnome" while my missis wants to use unity.
OMG site is not working atm, just as this got linked to by Ubuntu fan page on facebook (500,000 likers), probably related!
that's a very good news... what about hardware compatibility in ubuntu 12? i couldn't use it on my laptop because it didn't support my wireless.. :(
Finally the right approach. After all, Ubuntu is so great because of freedom of choice which should include to use Unity, or not.
I love the new direction in minimalist desktops but unfortunately when you stack up Unity to Gnome3, Gnome3 is the clear winner. And I used Unity for over a year until Gnome3 replaced it on my desktop.
Anyone else having issues with the whole "Alt+right-click" thing? Why the hell did they disable right-clicking a panel? They gonna try the "it confuses people" excuse again? I think it's UI developers/designers who are confused these days.
+José Cabo i think unity is great - for small screens :) i use it by myself on my netbook and there it is pretty good! I've tried many other desktops. Also xfce and lxde are good, since the netbook hardware is quite a bit limited, but the relative big icons and only one panel on top which integrates itself in a fullscrenn window is just perfect on a little screen! More space, less scrolling :)
I've also tried the gnome fallback, but it don't feels like gnome2 at all..
Ah good. I spent a couple of weeks trying out various flavours of linux, but they all had problems with my netbook. So it's back to 10.04. But now i know i can move to 12.04 when it comes out. :)
gnome classic and gnome 3, along with just about any other desktop are super easy to get in 11.10 too
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