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Ahh, nostalgia.

This sound takes me straight back to the early hours of weekend mornings in the early 2000's, going online via Freeserve with a 500mhz 64mb RAM computer running (shudder) Windows XP
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I used to put pillows on the damn thing. After some time when I got used to it, I kid you not, I used to 'break dance' to it, or whatever sudden jerky looking movements can be described as.
I just added M0 to the dial string when I didn't want to hear it.
good ol' time.. lots of memorys...
I think I use it as my new ringtone :D
56k? Newbie. :D I remember upgrading from 2400 to 9600 and thinking that it was amazing.
One of the guys in our IT department set this sound as a ringtone on his phone. He died at the end of the day under the pile of paper balls, paper clips, empty lunch bags and styrofoam caps thrown at him:)))
Takes me back to when floppys were floppy and 5 1/2inch.
When I get all nostalgic, I turn on my Commodore 64 and play a little bit.
The funny thing here is thinking a 500mhz comp running XP was the old days! The old days, son, was when we had to buy a separate math co-processor and a separate 3d graphics accelerator!
heh, 2400 baud amstrad on my amiga was my first dialup experience and I don't miss any of it. especially the huge phonebill
The old days .....when IBM had paper cards for their computers. We used binary back then and DOS (disk operating system ). That is when the safety screen was bright fricking blue. LOL.
I see your 2400 baud and raise you 1200/75 viewdata. Micronet was my first dial up experience with a Sinclair Spectrum.
jajaj q gracioso . y al ultimo la cara de felicidad por haber echo conexion yessssssss
When I first got "online" it was to a BBS with a 300 baud modem on my Commodore 64.
This is actually my ringtone on my Anroid phone. LOL! It has been that for like a year now. My message tone is R2D2.
1983. 300 baud. Comfortably read the data as it downloads (and scrolls up screen).
Hey, Windows XP was actually pretty decent. At least it wasn't the abortion Windows ME was!
remember shotgun technology or throwing init strings in the modem properties for a slightly faster connection. AT&0 AT&1 !!!
You laugh. There's no cable by my house yet. I don't have to REMEMBER a 56k modem; I've got one.
I remember using acoustic coupler for a 1200 baud modem ... or was it 300? :-)
I still have a working 2400 baud modem here. It was from 1993 when I ran The Poll Barn BBS. I can't make myself throw it away.
56k and Window XP are nostalgia for you? Wow do I ever feel old now, having started out on a TRS-80 (lovingly "trash-80") which not only did not have MS-DOS, but did not come with a modem. When we eventually did upgrade to 2400bps we still didn't even have Windows 3.1 and "internet" wasn't in my vocabulary, it was all BBSes. :P

I was just a tyke in those days, but when "going online" got really interesting for me came later during the Compuserve, 14.4kbps, Windows 95 days. ;)
wrote a lot of my masters thesis from home on a 300 baud modem...using troff.
Windows XP? Windows XP? Are you kidding me? for a moment I thought you were going to mention Windows 3.1!!!
A 500 MHz computer was a top of line model in 2000.
I remember this sound using a MoBo with slot 1, and also playing Phantasy Star Online.
Wasn't that many years ago that we could get broadband so this noise was not lost on me. Still the "broadband" wasn't much faster maxing out at 60kb/s, although usually around 30kb/s. Yes, I've downloaded distros at that speed :o
I would drive my grandmother crazy with that sound, from my then 2400 baud Hayes modem, as it wardialed while I was in school.
le voy a poner esto a los canarios, para enseñarles protocolo
486DX33 with 4MB of ram and a 210MB hard drive playing Doom II. Ah memories!
Can't quite beat the "I remember upgrading from 2400 to 9600....", but my first modem was a 14.4 and when I got a 28.8 - happy days. :D
I didn't know Dubstep existed in the early 2000's :p
Does anyone else remember spending almost $1 per meg for hard drive storage? I did a mass upgrade for my bbs many years ago consisting of a 500 meg hd, cd rom drive, and a 14.4k modem totalling almost $1000. I thought I was high speed after that.
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