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Ubuntu developers have shown off a prototype RSS reader for Ubuntu Touch called "Shorts".
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Im still waiting for that thing that runs Android on your phone but boot Ubuntu when dock to a computer screen. 
I think I would have shown it off after I had it running a bit smoother.
too short to check, i like to read RSS on my opera mini browser.
Is Ubuntu for Android still in development?
I thought since Ubuntu is coming up with full fledged Mobile OS and they would be competing with Android, the project was discarded... 
+Udit Mahajan Just because there is much news about it doesn't mean the project is discarded. They are looking for vendors who will support their project. +Zac Barton That mockup video is meant to help the rss core app developers to get an idea of what design to implement. They are just mockups for now.
Let's hope the final thing will run smoother than what's shown in the video...
Why not a service of feed reading cloud oriented?
Doesn't Android have animations (sliders, etc) included in the SDK? If this is how is performing QML at first trial (and requiring tunning from the developer) under Ubuntu Touch, then is bad because I think that is about the performance underneath...
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