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The next version of Ubuntu introduces a unified Unity for everyone. It means no-more Qt Unity 2D as a separate session, but it doesn't mean those on low spec'd machines are left - as you'll see... 
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Yes!!! Less code to maintain = unity will be even better.
I'll take a look at Unity & GNOME3 on 12.04.1 - and that will be it for a while ...
Cut down on RAM usage, dear devs at Unity :) It's no fun when it idles >400MB
Just today I again tried Unity. It crashed on me so I came back to Gnome 3. I hope 12.10 gets better, I actually think Unity is ok but it needs more time.
How about choice? Unity 2d was less CPU hungry than Unity 3d, which is why I chose it (less CPU wakeups, from empirical analysis). My laptop has an intel HD gpu, but I don't want Unity 3d and all its bling, I don't want to waste watts on eye candy.
Good to hear, so their not removing it they are just providing two versions now. One with a accelerated graphic interface, and one with a cpu interface with an open source graphic driver from what understanding..
+Joseph Yaworski Unity is gnome 3, and so is the link you posted.
the only thing that differs is the graphical enviroment. (and possibly some packages)
Ian Hex
Unity's finding and reminding is fucking awesome.
Unity is rather a compiz plugin that act as a shell on top of gnome 3. ;)
hated unity at first, totally loving it since 12.04.  the more you use it, the more natural it seems in usage.
ATI gpu HD4650: this means bye bye Unity. I want gnome2 back! Once Microsoft is loosing users, Linux starts a new shit; that's silly!
Ran 12.04 from Alpha to final and with each progression it got worse. I feel like the release went in complete reverse, so I tried Debian wheezy which was a total bust with ATI cards (wasn't interested in hacking drivers to get them to work). Fedora seems to be the answer for the desktop, liking the Gnome 3 with shell extensions and Scientific Linux for the server box. Unity just seems to be just to clumsy with compiz, maybe it's better on different hardware but that's not really what I'm looking for on my desktop.
Should be doing KDE anyway.
+Derek J.D. it's never a good idea to run the same system from alpha to release. Sometimes bugs stick and the only way to get rid of them is by clean installing. It has happened to me before.
I'm just looking forward to elementaryOS Luna and the pantheon DE.
+Alberto P. Come to SolusOS, we still have a maintained 2.30 edition ("Eveline 1.2") and are based on Debian Stable with hand-spun new packages. :) You won't look back.
I love unity. Its great they are streamlining. Unity has come a long way since its first release. Its awesome now :)
+Ben Truman i have to agree with you....I was fool when i thought that gnome-panel is better and more usefull....nothing is better than HUD and Dash
+Melvin Garcia I wiped the system right about RC2 and then again after release thinking maybe I borked something during the transitions but it just wasn't very good.  Now I hear that they might be forking the kernel (ubuntu kernel) or something as such?  
+Derek J.D. Did you install package firmware-linux-nonfree on Debian Wheezy? Debian doesn't install any non-free firmware/drivers (unlike Ubuntu), so it isn't much friendly for less experienced users.
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