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It has a pulse!
It lives! Skype have issued a small bugfix update to the static package of their Linux client. The hotfix patches a ‘serious vulnerability’ with the ‘libpng library&#...
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I use Google services instead, especially when MS got their hands on Skype.
Yeah Skype will probably be dead even on windows in a couple of years ever since the no.1 patent trolls and asset strippers grabbed them.
yeah need the minimize tray icon like 1004. with unity its not works as what i hope
Uninstalled, it's a MS product now.
Yeah, Google uses Ubuntu so why not support them.
Too little, too late. I've already moved on to Google+ hangouts and I'm probably never looking back.
NOOO! Don't say "let it die"! I still have several contacts that refuse to use anything but Skype! They will not use G+ (sadly)! I need Skype!
Skype for Linux is dead. Need to wait for opensource version.
+Michael Freeman just teach them how to sign up man .. and say we can doing conversation with video call .. not just call conversations lol
+santos amaru I've been trying to convert several of my friends from Skype (and Facebook) to G+, but so far it's been easier said than done. The culprit? "But everybody's on Facebook and nobody I know is on G+!" That, or they complain that they can't juggle two social networking accounts at once.
+Christopher Horton It would be interesting to have a base platform that social networks could build off of so that people could join whatever social network they wanted but still communicate with other people from other networks without having to create a completely new account elsewhere. Although I guess that defeats the purpose of creating separate networks in the first place. Either way... incompatibility should be a thing of the past. Especially on the web.
problem with skype is that the protocol is proprietary so it can't be integrated with other telephony software.
OMG. Today is a special day. Today we will cry and jerk off between us.
+Clóvis Fabrício I have. Though admittedly I haven't looked too far into it. I know it's an open source social network that is comprised of "nodes" (or something like that) that you can run on your own servers or use someone else's servers. But that's about all I know. Why do you ask?
Last week is something like worlds end: new GIMP, Diablo III released, new Skype, what else will surprise us?
+Thomas Aschemann I wish something like that became standard and G+ and facebook were just nodes in a larger "social networks network". That'd allow me to keep using whatever I want and still be in touch with all my friends. But G+ doesn't even have an API that allows me to post from other sites yet...
Indeed Clovis ..... gwibber me G+ .... gwibber me
updated now! it would be interesting to see statistics on how many Skype users are using Linux as compared to Windows, now that M$ keeps track of that, i wonder if they'll reveal those numbers.
It's a long shot to call it a pulse just because they finally pull some upstream changes. Probably, the charlady accidental pressed m, a, k, e on one of their keyboards! ;)
What is Skype? Please Don't post this lame shit!
What's the the use of a desktop client anyway? Skype should have a web interface/app that behaves like their excellent Android/iOS app.
+OMG! Ubuntu! That would be the best solution imho. I did love Skype on Windows 7, the Linux very never came close. The Android version set things right for me again.
Stallman says: "Skype: No way! That's nonfree (freedom-denying) software.Use Ekiga or an ordinary phone call"

I use skype but i think we all can switch to some other Free VoIP service.
And who can I call using Ekiga? Mr. Stallman only? Too funny when free something advocates want to dictate others what to use.

Now while some hardcore Linux users may not like big brand names all too much, the rest of us should be pretty happy that at least some of them care a bit about our 'market'. It gets even more important for people who are thinking about switching to Linux - they need to find at least some of their familiar software on our side of the garden. The availibility of Skype was a major argument pro Ubuntu for me, and Canonical is doing well to promote Ubuntu by displaying the Skype logo (amongst others) on their site. Same did Apple when MS Office became available for their platform (which gave the Mac a major boost in professional use btw).

I wish some people would stop acting so childish by demonizing everything they declare 'commercial'. But then again, 'real' Linux users who claim to follow 'the one true spirit of freedom' don't use Ubuntu anyway, do they?

Sorry for those harsh words, but I'm so sick and tired of this pro-commercial vs. non-commercial discussion. Use whatever you want. Isn't that the original idea (not only) of Linux?
Skype is M$ property now. So, it means that M$ just make a favor when releases update for Skype. Sure, Ekiga is not popular. That's a main reason why I need to use skype.
As I said above, I think Skype's Linux version never even came close to its Windows and Mac equivalent and most of the time I gladly use the Android version. I'm hoping for a web interface or web app to make life much easier so we can all forget about the Linux version anyway.
i don't like an idea about porting such software to web... but it could be a solution.
I think it's a natural evolution as more and more apps are web-based these days.
+Thomas Raukamp and +Oleksandr Pylkevych - Yeah, I don't like it, either! I guess I'm just a control freak or something, because I like to be able to control which version of which software I'm using. Take the nasty Facebook updates, for example. We have zero control over whether or not we get the new version, even if we want to stay with the older version's features. I don't want my productivity software changing every few months without my consent. And I want my files to stay right here on my computer (I'll use the "cloud" as backup, but I want access to them and control of them offline).
+Michael Freeman Totally understand and value your arguments. Good points. However, I learned to enjoy working 'in the clouds' over the last couple of months. I hope both options will continue to be available though.
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