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Cool, shame it's not the possum though. 
Ubuntu looks better with every new version. I really hope that it can make a viable alternative the awful future Microsoft has forced upon its users.
I'll be excited for Ringtail when Queztawhetever stops being an evil bug making monster. One release at at time, yo?
Rather I want a T-shirt with animal logo until now version.
Selling Enterprise is working quite well for them, but Canonical cannot help but see the end of that growth. They are gambling on a future in mobility. Both MS and Apple are working this hardcore. But there have been growing pains for both of the giants. If Ubuntu is going to be a mobility success then the N7 is going to be a seed, rather than the full flower.
+Paul Plate  You are complaining that a free, open source OS that gives you a great platform and community, is looking for extra ways to increase funding. Not only that, but they provide you the ability to disable Amazon ads in the dashboard if you don't like it. These people need money to live too you know. How pitiful you are.
Is 13.04 going to glitch my computer too?
12.10 has an problem with connect wifi =.=
i cant download Ubuntu 12.10 what did you guys do to Wubi? I cant even run it, it takes WAY longer than usual to download Wubi off from the website it used to be almost instantly when i download it off of the internet, and now i have to wait more than an hour just to download the program. . .
ubuntu sucks
Im not saying Ubuntu sucks, Ubuntu is pretty good (in my point of view) but I CANT DOWNLOAD 12.10 i was really looking forward to getting it, it wouldnt even show up on the Update Manager either </3
It is the Ubuntu desktop (Unity or Gnome) that sucks. However if you use Bodhi Linux (Enlightenment on Ubuntu) or Kubuntu (KDE on Ubuntu) you have the best system in the world.
I REALLY want to get Kubuntu but i cant since i have to download Wubi, and Ubuntu wont let me download wubi
Good logo I like this logo
The good ol' days of gnome..... I HATE UNITY.....
The new logo looks like a giant rotating progress-bar. Not a good idea IMO, "and now please wait tiny bit longer, while we're installing new bootloader, you may stare at our logo while that happens".
Microsoft though should have used a giant hour glass as a logo for their next Windows OS.
Nice.  And for those that don't like Unity, remember, you can always use Lubuntu instead.
I like Ubuntu but i hate the compatibility issue's it has.This is the main reason why I keep windows on my dual boot. For gamers Ubuntu is useless. 
Damn cool. Now we just need a desktop background to match. :)
So 12.04 blocked me from upgrading at all... I will never know the joys of 13.04
+Brody Madler you need to go to configs, and set the "Notify me of a new Ubuntu version" to "For any version"
It's "For long-term support version" by default.
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