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It's officially #Ubuntu release day here in the UK! =D

Although we won't be seeing any .iso's for a while yet - what's everyone's upgrade plans?

Fresh install, direct upgrade, or sticking with something else entirely?
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Gonna try upgrading this time. Haven't done it in years. crosses fingers
I'll clean install since I need to re-do my Windows side anyway
Direct upgrade! and.... it is ready the download in UK!?
Sticking to 5.10 Breezy Badger. I hate everything that came since.
Fresh install. Just one computer at first, and make sure I can tweak the system so it works fine for me (have rare keyboard issues I always need to fix at low level). Once it does, it goes onto my other machines too.
+Arthur Shelby No - it's just literally turned the 26th is all. The .iso images won't be available for a good 12 hours at least
It will be upgrade for me. Moving from 11.10. Have used the beta a little bit for the ubuntu testing but that's about it.
I'll run the update tomorrow at home before hitting the work machine. It's been the 26th here for almost 12 hours already. Those slackers.
I always do an online upgrade, but I've been upgrading this machine since 9.10 and it's starting to get a little flaky. Will see if creating a new user account fixes my bugs after this upgrade. If not, I'll burn a disc, wipe & start afresh.
Already using the beta version.. Just need to keep up with the updates.
It just feels good to start fresh! Seems cleaner... like getting dust bunnies out of the corner.
Upgrading from Beta and keeping my fingers crossed
installed beta 1 ...been really smooth so far
I will do fresh install here on my main machine but a direct upgrade on my netbook.
Fresh install. I need to sort my data so going to do it all together. Spring clean for the computer :o)
Can't decide. Have Mint running real well. Tempted to install the 12.04 TLS, but I don't know. Maybe I'll make a bootable USB and check it out that way.
have 12.04 beta running from some time, so just upgrade
Did a fresh install of beta2 on my main system since I needed to move from 32bit to 64 (and up from 10.10). Will upgrade the wife's machine and my work desktop from 10.04 once I get all the bugs ironed out on my main machine.
now updating 11.10 to 12.04 beta2. Coz' servers will be burning today... xD
I've been waiting so I could do a fresh install. I upgraded to 11.10 and almost turned around and did a fresh install.
one fresh install , 2 upgrades (one from a notebook being upgraded since 9.04 :D)
I'm currently using Linux Mint 12 with Cinnamon 1.4. Ubuntu 12.04 will be a fresh install (obviously). Can't wait until it is released!
Fresh install here. I know we'll all love the new release!
Already using the beta version.. Just need to keep up with the updates.
Fresh install, always. By the time the next release rolls out , my old one is all bloated up.
is that bug about Lubuntu shutdown on MacBook 2,0 fixed?
Downloading the ISOs and seeding them for the large rush today.

Later, I'll start upgrading from USB.
fresh install to get a clean system every 6 months :)
Upgrading from beta, of it doesn't work properly fresh install it is.
Fresh install on my desktop (currently 10.10). netbook and work computers will upgrade from 11.10.
A dist-upgrade for me (as usual) already did it a week ago - current laptop started with 10.04, have been upgrading ever since, as soon as the next version is in beta 1 or 2 - never had a problem I couldn't solve...
Direct upgrade for me. :) Ubuntu 12.04 is the best release ever! Congratulations to all!
Fresh baby fresh, I like it when it's fresh!
Still on 11.04 because 11.10 was not such a good release but 12.04 is awesome!
I always get it via torrent. The servers are usually too bogged anyway. However to answer the question, upgrading the beta on the desktop; uninstalling the wubi 11.10 and putting wubi 12.04 back on the laptop.
Is there a guide on the best way to do a clean install?
Sticking with Linux Mint Debian, Ubuntu has gone to crap since Unity.. I dont play well in other peoples sandboxes.. Shuttleworth is turning Ubuntu into a "Do it our way or no way at all" Apple clone
I'll do a fresh install in a new partition, and direct upgrade the old one
fresh install into a VMware VM :-)
Sticking with Sabayon on my primary PC, but will grab the .iso for the virtual servers I run and maybe XUbuntu for the host machine they reside on
i did a clean install of beta 2 already :)
I did an upgrade to alpha 1. Gonna do a clean install now to make sure everything works right and get rid of some of those pesky crashes.
installed clean from beta 1, upgraded almost every day, reported bugs, and ready to final upgrade
Can you GET a Precise ISO already? I'm ready to start seeding...
I'll just get a fresh install of Precise.
Yeah, but they'll need help getting seeds, I'll bet...and I like to be able to give-back that way, if I have none other.
I have been running 12.04 on my laptop and 2 home computers and they have been running fine one more to update. Unity runs better and I have not found any glitches yet. Keep my fingers crossed.
Download by torrent on netbook (and then never stop seeding! =D), make a Live USB, use that with my Toshiba notebook, then use GParted to format the Linux partitions, reboot, and install Ubuntu 12.04 Long Term AWESOMENESS.
Tiki C
Going to do fresh install since I don't have much in 11.10 to begin with.
Fresh install here... I've been upgrading for a while, and I'd like to get 'down & dirty' and start all over. Can't wait!
+John Abbott - I use an old Satellite L505-GS6000. I've heard that Toshiba has a reputation of not being very compatible with Ubuntu as Dell, HP, and Lenovo are, but so far the only problems I've had is the boot splash being the wrong resolution and games seem to want to change my default screen resolution according to their own resolution.

I'm looking to upgrade to a System76 lappy in the future. I'm salivating over Pangolin Performance's 240GB SSD drive and Core i7 processor! =D
Just got done backing up and wiping my laptop for a dual boot.
Fresh install with dual boot, couple of upgrade. Can I start now in India?
I would clean install, but since beta 1 this has been one stable ride (on mom's PC since mine died months ago) I'll just update the system. :)
Fresh install after the vitals are backed up. I'm going to try some alternatives though.
Upgrade from 11.10 to 12.04. Cannot wait now!!!!!!!!!
i'll probably grab the ISO as soon as i can, but run it on a LiveUSB drive at least for a few days while i keep an eye out for any major issues.

the thing i'm most looking forward to, though, is that i discovered just today that i can actually run the 64-bit version! for the past three years, i was under the impression that my CPU was 32-bit (it's a lower-end Pentium T3200 dual-core.) just for fun, i went poking around Intel's website and discovered that it is, in fact, a 64-bit processor (which i triple-checked with a couple other hardware websites, as well as from a terminal command.) the reason i thought it was a 32-bit processor? Microsoft's Win7 upgrade checker from a couple years back! ah well.

since i'm going from a 32-bit version to 64-bit, i'll be doing a fresh install. but at least i'll have a nice little speed boost to look forward to, not to mention all the new stuff in 12.04!
+Keith Rea Agreed. Though Mint is a hell of a bloat. I much rather the clean and lean taste of vanilla in Fedora anytime over Ubuntu or Mint now.
i am waiting few more weeks before upgrading my ocelot to create backup and finish a lot of college homework
direct upgrade, unity is more stable and i like HUD, makes work more efficient :)
I'm planning a fresh install for today.... for a long time. when we'll be able to download final #ubuntu 12.04
fresh install, i am currently using Lubuntu
I was all about 12.04 for a while, it really improved performance in unity but I have strayed....TODAY I dove head first into Zorin OS (Natty base) and I'm confident I won't be looking back any time in the near future. This thing is AWESOME. Set it in Gnome classic (or just keep the win7 launcher) and it freaking FLIES! I recommend you guys give it a shot.
Direct upgrade unless I manually broke something in my existing +Ubuntu installation that i dojt kniw how to fix, hahaha! This is entirely possible ... But I always put my important stuff on a separate partition so i can do a fresh if required.
Make it available soon then you'll get a practical response from all :)

The usual, wait a few months until it's usable then upgrade! ;-)
Fresh install on my home desktop. Formatted last weekend to prepare. Doing a wubi install on my work laptop
Fresh install. Because I like seeing changes to the installer. And also because my many tweaks may break it :-P
I upgraded to the beta(I'll never do that again ), I still have issues so I hope that today's release will fix these auto logouts I've been getting.
My current install is all over the place so I'm doing a fresh install :)
I have a nice setup for development right now so I think I will w8 4 12.10
I'll do it as fresh as possible ... with a fresh format '/' and install ;-)
I alredy have some fresh ext4 and linux-swap partitions waiting here. Hopefully the ATI drivers are finally usable. The open drivers idle with my garphic cards temperature more than 20 degrees celsius higher than on Windows.
I think I'll just run the liveCD to see if it runs fine on my netbook.
Upgrade to 12.04? I only upgraded to 11.10 last weekend!
Backup files then Direct Upgrade...
Fresh install - I've just been upgrading for a couple of years and haven't booted into windows this side of 12 months so its time for a full format
This is a good birthday present. Upgrade for now. No time for anything else.
Fresh install, will wait a few days though. In the meanwhile ill make sure to seed the torrent with 100Mbs upstream.
Gonna back up my Dell v13 and make a clean install for this LTS release.
I'm returning to Ubuntu with this release -- Unity finally seems good enough :D
Direct upgrade, as soon as it's available! Can't wait!
Two fresh installs saving /home in a separate partition and an upgrade on my old HP pavillion. Have had the beta2 on my AsRock320 in 64-bit but the decrease of speed is annoying - will go back to the 32-bit version to see if that is better (Also will not go back to BTRFS on root partition, adds nearly a minute to boot time). Looking forward to the weekend!
fresh install of #ubuntu and ready for the #ubuntuparty
Sam H
I'll stick with Elementary and wait it out for Luna
I downloaded the beta a few days ago and I'll wait for updates later in the day.
I'm going to give Ubuntu one last chance to impress me. So to test 12.04 (I refuse to use the stupid names) I'm going to use nothing but Ubuntu for the next 2 weeks.
Fresh install alongside ubuntu 10.10... I prefer having both side by side rather than complaining about unity on every blog in the world which isn't even slightly related to ubuntu...
well even though my pre-update is way back at the last LTS, I'm done 'crossing my fingers'!! I'm just gonna run the update through my current install and dive into #unity and brand new #ubuntu
Just plain upgrade as I already have 12.04 installed! #ubuntu #ubunturelease
Fresh install for me. Looking forward to the new features.
Thinking it's about time for a fresh install!
direct upgrade from 12.04 beta 1 :)
paul f
very slow upgrade
fresh at home and upgrade at work :)
backup home and fresh install as always
paul f
upgrade via upgrade manager. perfect.
Wanted to do a fresh install, but could not, thanks to that #¤%# pae-requirement. So, had to do with a direct upgrade.
paul f
indicator-multiload doesnt leak anymore. oh the joy.
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