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Coffee and competitions do not mix

So... I just put two copies of Ubuntu Made Easy on my desk to photograph ahead of a competition announcement post in which they were to be the prizes.

In my haste to get my camera I knocked my coffee over, flooding my desk, and soaking the bottom of the books.

Even when they dry out the bottoms are going to be stained, slightly warped and 'crispy', so I can no-longer give them away as 'prizes'. 

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You can give them to me :D :D 
Please ^^ for Christmas , Black Friday and Cyber Monday and all other holidays ^^
Why not? Just because there's java included now :-D
Now with added coffee stains! Not available in stores!
They haven't been ruined. They've been personalized by a (kinda-sorta) celebrity. 
A book without creases and stains is not a loved book.
Aw, hellz yeah!  Linux and coffee??  Together?!?!?  Can it get any better than that?!  :-D  I'd take one as a prize!
Great way to kick off Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day, huh? I guess it is the thought that counts, and sorry to hear about that. Many of us would still gladly take them, however. :)
Same here. Being that I "AM" trying to learn #Linux (Ubuntu to be precise) 
Not to mention they will be DELICIOUSLY coffee-scented. I'd take them, too, in a heartbeat!
Honestly, I still think they could go out as prizes... Most of my technical manuals have that very battle damage already. This would just fit right in with the rest of my library ;)
I can accept a donation or at least you can do a raffle among the commenters here. =D
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