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The +OMG! Ubuntu! website has been rewritten from scratch to be lighter, responsive (it auto-adapts depending on the size of screen), and a little prettier to look at.

It's almost ready to go live but we have one last 'problem' to solve: what to put in the header.

Should we keep the 'apps, reviews, editorials...' icons (which few people realise are actually links!)? Suggestions? (And sorry - kittens, bacon or chuck norris gags aren't eligible) 

P.S. Ignore the links in the sub-menu - they are just place-holders
P.S.S Please note that the new site is not yet live
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Maybe not Chuck Norris, but other randomly generated Ubuntu funnies.
I actually found the old link system to be pretty nice.
In my honest opinion, the icons are a good shortcut to navigate through the site, but they're quite ugly and the overall look seems slightly odd.
I think you should reduce the purple bar and logo, and remove icons, being cleaner
Not much change to me they're problems it doesn't fit my screen size and icons are a bit stacked on left there is a big space between icones and search bar. :(
I like the icons, too, but I also think that the bar & logo are too big.
+Manuel DEBAUX The changes haven't gone "live" yet, the current site is still the 'old' one. And this image shows only one change. 
Bar and logo too big, especially on my netbook. Maybe a dynamic header depending on the size of the screen?
+Alain Baudrez The header is dynamic in the "new" version of the theme - even resizes to fit a mobile screen :)
If the stats show that people aren't using them, remove them.
I realized that the icons were links. I think they're great.
humm... in my opinion, is better to remove the icons, and put those links in the sumb menu in place of the social links.
Reduce the purple bar and logo size (this is really useful on widescreen, and give room for more adv visibility), and put social profile links as icons, on the left column right under the "scrollybanner" ...
Personally I would prefer second one. Or you could make both of these two and on index give option to choose :D
Having a wide header with nothing in it isn't the best use of screen space.  I agree with +Davide Pagani, it would be best to make it (and the logo) thinner to put content up front.  I'll admit I've almost never used the icons up top, but there may well be people who have.  If you don't want to change the bar, I think the icons should stay to make use of the space.
If people aren't using the links they don't really make sense.

How about a space for a quote from whatever is the Big Story of the moment? Your latest story now is the new Lubuntu icons; if that is the big current story you'd put a quote (in white, with the purple background) on the bar: "This was an extremely hard work." linking to the story itself.
I think you could solve the problem people have recognizing the icons as that just putting a border on their side, thus making them look more like buttons.
Either keep the icons and redesign them to pop up visually or remove the icons and move the links somewhere else. Their current place could be used for something else.
And one more thing - these icon on the left of a posts representing its category are way too dark and different form everything in the site. They'll look better in this light grey like the icons in the left in G+. :)
Keep the buttons. Even if no one uses them, they still add a cool aesthetic element to the site. If you want the site to be even quicker and if you don't think anyone will use the buttons. Just think of some sort of similarly based picture that could go in their place, as to keep the look of everything full and familiar.
Putting borders around those icons breaks the clean look they're styled after, though.  If they're not discoverable as icons then something else should be done rather than employing an older/tackier design.
You can get a clean look even using borders.
To be honest I've only ever clicked them once or twice... so they could go. It's quite nice to have some open space.
Make it smaller or remove it. I have to scroll too much with my netbook just to see the second articel.
Leave the icons please and everything. My bookmarks won't work if you delete apps reviews and so on.
what abt moving the header icons to a dock on the left as to make more ubuntuish?
Keep the links. I find them very useful!
+Miguel Callejas If they remove the icons, that doesn't mean your bookmarks are going to stop working. They just remove the display of the icons, not the url associated with it.
xD Yeap that is true... but I was talking about the reviews.
Could be a "Download Ubuntu Here!" button. 
Or better, a progress bar for the next iteration of Ubuntu to come. And a download link to the actual version.
You redeveloped the whole site and that was an afterthought? I am finding that a little hard to believe guys ;)
Perhaps a countdown to the next Ubuntu release?
Even if people don't click them, they look better there than nothing. I say use the space!
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