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#Ubuntu - officially more popular than Justin Bieber right now
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The arrow up indicates that Justin is coming...Ubuntu is going down.
Lamborghini replaced Justin, #Ubuntu still second.
#Ubuntu is aways better than Bieber
#Ununtu.. You're right. He said #Ubuntu.
#Ubuntu is more popular than any so called "artists".. :-)
What kind of distro is Justin Bieber? Is based on Debian too? Dont' think so... :) Anyway, go #ubuntu !
Bieber more popular than Lamborghini !!! Snaaaaap i need a Shot in the Head.
+Nasser Al-Hilal +Patrick Spek Lady Gaga doesn't use #Ubuntu (not that we know of). That article was an April Fools joke, notice that there are no sources and it was published 04/01/2011.
Haha no problem +Patrick Spek I got super excited about it too! :D I read the article and in the comments someone mentioned it was april fools that's why xD
@ Patrik Spek ; What's the hell goin' on ???? Linux and Beiber sounds like A freaky Geeky Gay :/
Cool. Didn't expect something like this. Great!
loool Patrik, after reading the site i thnaked God coz it was a joke !!! Nice joke by the way !!
Happy to see #ubuntu is gonna be released this week. So you guess! Gaga & Bieber: That reflects how retarded the world has become!
I dream about seeing some true artists in trend instead!
I understand now what happens! For some crappy artists, their community managers pay some bucks to users in order to spam about them! isn' it?
...on Google+ - do I need to qualify that, or is it obvious? :)
Go #Ubuntu ! I can't wait to use HUD on #Ubuntu 12.04!
#Ubuntu is only on fourth and JB on first place now -.- As long as it's there it's good exposure, though.
Ahah! Evidence of intelligent life! XD
Lets be childish for a while and kick off Gaga: #ubuntu #ubuntu #ubuntu #ubuntu #ubuntu #ubuntu #ubuntu #ubuntu #ubuntu #ubuntu
Does anybody know how the trending is calculated? Is it just based on the numbers of how many times #Ubuntu appears in public topics and public comments? Or is it more intelligent and looks also how many +1 a #Ubuntu topic gets for example?
surely ubuntu is more interesting to talk about than a Beaver
I doubt it's the +1 . the #someThing is probably the most influent parameter! But, whatever, you can't guess what kind of Algorithm Google are using (Per comment, per post...?)
Anyway, our repetitive #ubuntu buzz does seem to have an effect!
That way or another I get a feeling that google+ is only used by #Linux nerds, seeing how in the last days there were two #Linux posts in the what's hot/explore section and now seeing #Ubuntu trending. So go #Ubuntu and #Linux !!!
Oh that's the end of it guys! Bieber & gaga teens are too many to deal with :) And now it's the big butt Kardashian! Gosh :( Dammit #ubuntu
i hate justin bieber so go #Ubunto go!!!!!
aww that was short lived!~ :(
but a very well deserved accomplishment!~ :)
#Ubuntu is on second place now after Kim Kardashian!
#ubuntu 12.04リリースも間近だ、盛り上げていこう。

Right now Ubuntu is more popular than Lady Gaga!
there seems to be a funny little upward arrow on #ubuntu
(shares are rising :p)

and i just cant wait....
5 days is too much :s
Why should you wait, #ubuntu 12.04 is already stable and very functional!
#Ubuntu is the bomb. Running it on all my computers! 
Hare comes Cristiano Ronaldo, why can't #ubuntu cross that finishing line?
Hey people, add me to your circles and i will add you.
Actually there is a difference between #Ubuntu & #ubuntu
This post may push OMG #ubuntu on what's hot for the 1st time.
thank GOD ....ubuntu ain't bieber fans
What?? Bieber's in G+?? Who died and allowed this to happen???
There is hope for the World!!!!!
List appears on the top right column of this Google+ page +Yuri Shishenko .
Second behind Kim Kardashian now!
+John Davidson partly true. This feature is not yet available in every country. If you don't see it, add an ?hl=en to the URL and you should have it too.
Gaga isn't popular its an illusion :)
More popular than a girl but less popular than a man? Jeopardy answer what is #ubuntu
Is anyone else #ubuntu typing #ubuntu just #ubuntu because #ubuntu they #ubuntu want #ubuntu to #ubuntu beat Lady Gaga?
Is that how it works, +Angus Pearson?
Yay for #ubuntu !!
no linux distribution can be more popular than boobs. and gaga is only good at that: showing off... this second place is like a 1st place in a normal world :D
I'm the first one to hate on pop stars but Lady Gaga is a classically trained pianist and musician. She's got the talent. Most of her stuff is not to my taste but I can't say she lacks talent.
wth, man. your caching in NC, and I didn't get a heads up? for shame.
Lady Ga Ga does have talent but she hides it behind weird outfits. It's cool though, it's all about the shock factor with artists.
No way!!! Where is Kim Kardashian?????????
Justin's on the top now. :(
#Ubuntu seems to be losing popularity in that screenshot though, while he's on his way up. At least it's more popular than a Lamborghini still!
I love my #Ubuntu laptop.
Eloy D
In percents there are more tech people on G+ than FB or Twitter ;)
currently #Ubuntu is not longer on #2. It jumps between #5 and #7 :(

Lady Gaga is not longer in the trends
Xin Lin
Ubuntu rocks, but i just hate unity and thats why i reverted back to Maverick Meerkat. Gona try the newest Mint once it is out, heard they still uses Gnome2...
Because Biber fans are busy screaming in the FB ...

not that I am complaining ...
+Xin Lin why mint when 12.04 will have a nice gnome fallback that looks like the old gnome?
hahahaha if only Ubuntu could sing and wear a weird dress it could be #1
You do realize, that's not saying much. One is an open source community, mantra, and operating system for the masses. The other is some talentless punk who appeals to 12-13 year old girls.
Gaga, gaga got's some problems. She hasn't been a popular singer, and there isn't any hit songs.
lets give #ubuntu a hand there...
But just can't knock down that Lady Gaga chick.
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